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Sunday Night At The Movies…

Monday, July 25, 2005
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War of The Worlds Posted by Picasa

Paul and I went to the pictures to see WOTW last night. It was a really fab film, and I have to say, it totally blew me away, even though I was fully expecting it not to live up to the hype.

The only problem was that I spent most of the film on the edge of my seat frightened out of my skull. Damn it was scary, I can’t believe it’s only been certified a 12a. If I had a twelve year old, I wouldn’t let him/her watch this film, that’s for sure. They’d be bed-wetting for a year.

Tom Cruise was brilliant as usual, and Tim Robbins was scary as the batshit crazy guy whose family had been killed by the ‘visitors’, but I’ve gotta say, Dakota Fanning totally made the film for me.

That little girl sure can act her socks off! Let’s hope she doesn’t do a Mary-Kate Olsen, and Macaulay Culkin when she gets older. Wouldn’t it be great, if she stayed alcohol and drug-free?


  • Scott
    July 25
    10:40 am

    Glad you enjoyed it Karen. I would love to see this. But like usual, I am not a fan of Tom Cruise. It’s funny, because I usually end up watching his movies because he gets the good roles. But this one (like “Minority Report”) he is teamed up with a script based on a story by one of the great sci-fi writers, and Steven Speilberg.


  • Jill
    July 25
    2:06 pm

    I know, I worry about Dakota!! I hope she’s got great parents.


  • somethingsicantsay
    July 25
    2:42 pm

    yeah,it was a thrilling experience.

    i kinda found the ending lame though.


  • Anne
    July 25
    5:10 pm

    I’m planning to see this movie either this weekend or next. Now I definitely can’t wait! My 15-year-old son wants to see this one, but I think he can handle it. It’ll be interesting to see his perspective on it. He loves all things sci-fi and fantasy.. so this is right up his alley.


  • Rocio
    July 26
    1:00 am

    I was dissapointed on this one…some scenes were ilogical and most things were unexplained!
    At the end this movie seemed too much like Mars Attack for me!!!


  • byrdloves2read
    July 26
    2:44 pm

    For “somethinicantsay” – remember this was written over a hundred years ago. It was innovative when Wells wrote it. And for “rocio” – see above answer. Perhaps Mars Attacks borrowed from WOTW! LOL


  • Karen Scott
    July 26
    4:24 pm

    Scott, I absolutely loved The Minority Report, did you not think it was an excellent film? I know how you feel though, I’m like that with Jude ‘Randy Andy’ Law!

    Me too Jill!!

    Somethingsicantsay, after all the drama, it was a huge relief that the ending was so sane. I couldn’t have coped with any more upheaval at that point.

    Anne, you’ll both love it!

    Ro, you’re a heathen, how the hell can you compare this film to the tragedy that was Mars Attacks? Are you smokin sumthin? (g)

    Hi Linda!


  • Rocio
    July 28
    3:03 am

    Karen, if after you go and see it you don’t agree with me…I’ll go and light a cuban cigar!
    It was a big dissapointment for me!
    I did like very much “Minority Report”


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