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Drive-By Post…

Saturday, July 30, 2005
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According to HelenKay, (who’s in Reno with the rest of the world) Kensington are now looking for manuscripts for their new erotica line , so if you sent some stuff to Brava that was a little too hot for them, here’s your chance to find your baby a good home. Apparently this new line still doesn’t have a name.

Here is some additional info from Helen:

It launches in January 2006. The covers are amazing. They’re looking for novellas and single titles. The basic word counts are 25,000 for novellas and 90,000 for single title but they are open to anything. They even said that if you have a 15,000 word manuscript, send it and they’ll see if they can make it work. They are buying. Let me repeat that, they are buying.

Some folks are talking about getting 6 book contracts. People who tried to get in with Brava but the books were too hot are finding a home with the whatever-we-call-it line. Don’t send to Kate Duffy because she said this isn’t her thing.

Hillary Sares and Audrey LaFehr are the folks to write to. Don’t bother with synopsis and waiting for a response to a query – send in chapters. Unsolicited and unagented – as with all of the Kensington romance lines – are welcome.

For more information on what’s hot and what’s not in romance, you’ll need to read the rest of Helen’s post. Oh yeah, she’s giving away free books too.

The Tall Guy and I are going to the gym now, so catch ya later.