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Brutally murdered because he was black… Posted by Picasa

This young boy was killed with an axe last week in a racially motivated murder.

Eighteen year-old Anthony Walker, a college student from Liverpool was attacked by a gang of three or four men as he walked his girlfriend to the bus stop. This was just minutes after he’d been taunted with racial abuse.

His girlfriend was white.

The axe was found imbedded in his head. The dead teen’s girlfriend and a relative who was with them, ran to get help, but by the time they came back to him, he was dead.

Now what kind of fucked up wankers would hit a young boy over the head with an axe just because he was black? How does this kind of thing happen in this day and age?

I can’t imagine how his family are feeling right now, my heart truly goes out to them.

It’s stuff like this that makes me think that capitol punishment is not such a bad idea. The bastards who did this need to to be hung by their fucking balls, and their faces used for baseball practice.


  • Dawn
    August 1
    12:57 pm

    I heard about this today too, Karen. I’m utterly shocked by it.

    I hope they catch the bastards who did this.

    My thoughts are with his whole family.


  • Jill
    August 1
    4:17 pm



  • Anonymous
    August 1
    6:59 pm

    So it seems ignorance and bigotry will never die. *shaking head* What a sad state this world is in.


  • Deb
    August 1
    7:06 pm

    I cannot comprehend the mentality of the people who would do this to an innocent boy. When will it end?


  • Marianne LaCroix
    August 2
    2:51 am

    I am amazed at the behavior of people towards those who are different from themselves. It is sickening this type of thing still goes on. And the sheer brutality of this act is shocking.

    It is saddening to be human sometimes.


  • Desiree Erotique
    August 2
    3:04 am

    This is deplorable. That poor baby. May the gods deliver his murderer(s) to justice.


  • Tania0110
    August 2
    3:09 am

    that is so depressing..


  • somethingsicantsay
    August 2
    6:10 pm

    its outrageous.


  • Rocio
    August 3
    2:08 am

    It’s a shame!!!!…and so sad. I don’t expect everybody to agree but what make a person feel entitle to do things like this?


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