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“You want me to do what? Are you out of your f*cking mind?” Posted by Picasa

Well I’m feeling too hung over this morning to blog constructively, so I’ll lead you over to a couple of catfights and recounts of the scandalous goings-ons at the RITA’s (RWA’s prestigious awards ceremony) on Saturday.

Firstly though, HelenKay defends her right to review books by fellow writers, after an author (who I think is really cool, and no matter what the review said Ann, I still loved your book) took exception to the candid remarks made by Paperback Reader . I talk too often about the subjectiveness of reviews on this blog, to bother commenting any further.

By now, most of you will have heard about Tara Taylor Quinn’ s (yep, the buck stops with you sweetie-pie, you are the president after all) major fuck-up at the RITA’s on Saturday, but in case you haven’t, here’s a few links to get you up to speed.

Selah March , a lady I admire very much, first broke the news about the train wreck that was the RITA’s awards ceremony (Selah, I wish more writers were as gloriously upfront as you are), This was promptly followed up by Smart Bitch Candy asking people who actually attended the event, to veryify the story.

Laurie Gold of AAR fame asks what the hell has TTQ’s right-wing pro-Bush views got to do with the RWA celebrating twenty five years of romance.

Here’s a copy of the actual letter that Nora Roberts will be submitting in the next Romance Writers Report (what’s the betting they don’t publish it?) as a letter to the editor.

Alison Kent has snippets of a letter that Jenny Crusie sent to RWA, asking them what the hell they were smoking when they decided to rehash twenty five years of tragedy in the name of romance. (I heard, that they were going to show the blowing up of the twin towers until Nora threw a hissy fit)

Phew, well that lot should keep you busy for a while. My thoughts on these shenanigans? I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. I admit it, I took an almost sadistic pleasure in hearing about the events at the awards ceremony.

Damn I wish I’ been there, I can’t believed I missed TTQ’s beauty pageant-stylie entrance at the beginning of the show. The way some people tell it, a white limo drove her onto the stage, and she emerged wearing a Persil-white suit, and possibly resembled something akin to the second coming. You crazy Americans, always got to be bigger and better than anyone else, (I hear she even upstaged Linda Howard… what a diva) *g*

I’ve decided that in light of the stance that Nora Roberts took by refusing to host the ceremony, I will start reading her books again. You’ve got to admire somebody with that much integrity. I’m still not going back to Diana Palmer though. (Unless she does the same as Nora when the board of directors at RWA fuck up next year.)

Anyway, I’ve got lots to do, so I’m getting back to work that pays, and by the way Ro, the Tall Guy and I did it on Tuesday and Wednesday, which I think you’ll agree are both non-weekend nights, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it. If I carry on with this trend, I’ll be almost as much of a nympho as you are! (g)


  • Jenn
    August 4
    1:34 pm

    That show was in extremely BAD TASTE.Hooray for Ms. Roberts!

    Also I am glad you are broadening your horizons and become a little more adventurous and nymphy!


  • Laurie Likes Books aka Laurie Gold
    August 4
    3:44 pm

    Karen –

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog last week! As soon as you wrote about Jaid Black, whom I’ve been glomming this year, I decided our sensibilities must be somewhat compatible. I’d actually be sending this to you via private email, but I can’t find an address for you.

    TTFN, Laurie Likes Books


  • Karen Scott
    August 4
    6:12 pm

    Hey Laurie, Jaid is great isn’t she? As for similar sensibilities, as I recall you quite enjoyed RB’s Triple Play, even with the 200 consecutive pages of non-stop sex, and the copious amounts of love juice that was going around. On that evidence, I think you got me beat hands down! (g)
    Welcome to my blog!!

    Jenn, long time no post, where have you been? And you’re as much of a puta as Ro is!!


  • Jenn
    August 4
    8:18 pm


    That is Ro and me



  • Dakota Cassidy
    August 4
    8:46 pm

    You did it on a weeknight? TWICE in a row? Dayumm, hot stuff–whatcha got that I don’t? ROFLMAO

    Heard about the RWA thing and all I can say is, I’m sad I opted not to go. NOT. LOL

    DC 🙂


  • Jill Monroe
    August 4
    9:56 pm

    So Karen, did you drink as much as I did in Reno?


  • Rosie
    August 5
    2:23 am


    You really tweaked my curiosity with RWA news so I read a couple of your links and some other blogs. Wow! I can’t believe it. How disheartening to the industry and to know that a documentary crew from BRAVO was present.

    I also wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blogs!! You are a hoot and a half. : )

    Thanks for the recommend on Katherine Allred’s book from Cerridwen. It really was exceptional.

    Weekday whoopie? Wow! My DH and I think we are so clever when we indulge. We are surprised we still have the energy and interest after 25 years. Of course, it is an added plus to see our two teenagers eye us with suspicion when we walk around with silly grins on our faces.


  • Karen Scott
    August 5
    1:00 pm

    Laurie, I see from your blog that you like South Park and Clive Owen, a woman after my own heart!

    Jenn, you’re so right!!

    Dakota, Rocio’s been trying to tell me that having sex only at the weekend isn’t healthy! As for the RWA, I’d have relished the scandal!

    Jill, you’re talking to the person who gets tipsy on 1 glass of wine. Hubby and I consumed one bottle of champagne, and a bottle of red between the two of us! I think he was just trying to take advantage of me!

    Hi Rosie, welcome to my blog!! How fabulous is Katherine Allred? Which of her books did you read? The Sweet Gum Tree?
    As for sex after twenty five years, dayum!! The hubby and I have been together for twelve years in total, and I think it’s great that we’re still doing it weekly (g)


  • McVane
    August 7
    8:02 pm

    Nora Roberts’s books: here’s my list of recs …


    maybe [my memory is foggy, hence wariness, but I remember them well enough to be willing to mention them here]

    Category romances … ah, there’s too many of them. :>

    A lot of readers love the BORN IN … trilogy, but I dislike them. IMO, Nora’s weakness is she tends to cast a heavy rose-tinted look at Ireland. Actually, I think every book she’s written features at least one character of Irish heritage. :>


  • Karen Scott
    August 7
    9:23 pm

    Maili, thanks for the recs, I bought three of her ‘In Death’ books yesterday in a big Waterstones in Covent Garden, I probably should have just got them from my second hand book shop though, they would have been a lot cheaper there.

    I also bought Christine Feehan, and Laura Kinsale, authors I generally don’t read. I started Christine Feehan’s Dark Gold, and so far, I’m bored to tears by it, but I’ll persevere. It’s probably the subject matter rather than her writing, but we’ll see.

    Oh and the Da Vinci Code finally bloody arrived from Amazon, I was annoyed though cuz Asda were selling it for £3.68, yech!


  • McVane
    August 7
    11:57 pm

    Karen, you should go to a local charity shops for a copy of THE DA VINCI CODE and Robb’s IN DEATH books. Most of them are priced £1 or under. Actually, you’ll find quite a few American romances in charity shops as well.

    Feehan’s books? *grimaces*


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