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Sex And The City Gals Posted by Picasa

As part of my anniversary present, The Tall Guy bought me the complete Sex and The City DVD set.

I immediately went to the episode where Samantha gets cancer, and Smith shaves his head to show her that he’ll be there for her no matter what, and they go the his premier with her sporting a Lil’ Kim type pink wig. Happy sigh. I love that episode (even if it had the horrible Russian in it)

Firstly, who would you have preferred Carrie to end up with:

A: Mr Big
B: Aidan
C: The Russian
B: Burger

And secondly, who was your favourite SATC gal?

A: Carrie
B: Samantha
C: Miranda

Personally, I loved the fact that she ended up with Mr Big. I hated Burger and the old Russian with a passion.

My fave gal just has to be Samantha, I loved the way that she was so darned unapologetic about the fact that she loved sex. Plus, she got Smith. (g)


  • Scott
    August 5
    11:18 am

    Dynamite blows up rock, paper, and scissors. “Star Wars” beats the crap out of four chatty women, so mine is better!

    : – P

    (Though I would agree that only Princess Leia in “Return of the Jedi” comes close in sex appeal. Especially if we are talking about Kim Cattrall’s younger days.)

    Enjoy your DVD’s.


  • Angela James
    August 5
    12:28 pm

    I LOVE this show and I just watched that episode again last week. Smith was just the perfect guy for Samantha.

    And yes, I was sooo happy Carrie ended up with Mr. Big. I didn’t like The Russian. I did like Aidan but she blew that. It was always Mr. Big though.

    And my favorite? I like Carrie and Samantha both. I couldn’t choose.

    And now I’m wondering…am I the only sap who bawled at the series finale?


  • LaShaunda
    August 5
    3:05 pm

    I’m so jealous.

    I was tickled pink when my husband bought me the Soul Food series for my birthday. Our anniversary is coming up, I think I’m going to have to drop Sex and The City hints.

    I loved Adian and loath Mr. Big because we all had a big in our life. LOL! I’m glad Big went and got our girl. I could not stand the The Russian, how could she think she was in love with him?

    Of course I wanted to be Samantha too. We all wanted her sexual freedom. I like Richard, but I knew he couldn’t be faithful. Loved Smith, especially when he flew home to tell her he loved her.

    I use to rent the CDs for a SATC weekend.



  • Adrienne Kama
    August 5
    3:49 pm

    Happy Anniversary!

    I love Sex and the City. That would make the perfect anniversary/birthday/Christmas present. I’ll have to make a point to send my husband this way so he can do likewise. I only have seasons 1-3.

    I’m glad Carrie ended up with Big. Aiden was great, but there was more excitement with Big.

    And my favorite character was Samantha. She always put on a brave face no matter what she was facing.

    One of my favorite scenes was in the first season when Carrie passes gas while in bed with Big. Every time I watch her scuttle out of bed wrapped in that blanket I die laughing. That scene was priceless.


  • Indida
    August 5
    3:51 pm

    I was so relieved that she ended up with Big. That Russian dude was so hideous, I actually would turn the channel whenever he came on. I hated him and I was pissed off that they would pick such an ugly guy for a love interest. I don’t care that he was some great foo-foo dancer in the 80s.

    Samantha was my favorite because she was so upfront about everything. Everyone else was just irritating most of the time with their whining and bad choices.

    Smith is the only blonde guy that I find hot right now. I don’t know what happened between me and Brad Pitt but I hope he is happy with Angelina because I love her.


  • Erin
    August 5
    4:36 pm

    I have never watched this show. I keep meaning to take the dvd out from the movie rental store but haven’t yet



  • Sarah McCarty
    August 5
    9:16 pm

    Personally, I didn’t care who Carrie ended up with. She whined waaaay too much for me and once she cheated on Burger, I pretty much wanted her to suffer. I thought shallow thoughtless self centered Big was the perfect punishment. (I really liked Burger *G*)

    I loved Samantha and I just loved the episode where she’s has cancer and hot flashes and whips her wig off in the middle of a speech and just starts fanning herself with it.

    I also loved the man The brunette ended up with. Hero material to the core.


  • Kristie
    August 5
    11:48 pm

    I liked Aidan myself, but she could never let go of Big. And as to my favourite? I liked Charlotte best.
    As much as I love(d) the show and miss new ones, here they are playing reruns at 7:00 pm, which to me is a tad to early for such an “adult” show.


  • Rocio
    August 6
    1:48 am

    Karen, you never fail to suprise me!!!..first, after all the shit Carrie did take from Mr Big!! After years with Carrie he left her for Natasha just like that!!!
    For me, Aidan was the best thing that ever happen to Carrie!
    Samantha??? your favorite???? That’s the kind that does it more often than just weekends!!
    I love Miranda!!!..She, as you, always make me laugh and think with you wisdom and tough words!


  • Just Tarv
    August 6
    2:28 am

    mega props on the site!!!!


  • Sarah McCarty
    August 6
    7:02 pm

    Just so you dont’ think I’m nuts, it was Aiden I liked. (hanging head) Not Burger. Aiden.


  • Chelle
    August 7
    2:22 am

    I prefered Aiden, but I wasn’t unhappy when she picked Big. Anything was better than the Russian.

    As far as fave girl, mine always was Charlotte. She was such a sweet heart. However, I have more Carrie in me.


  • Alan Golder - Dinnertime Bandit
    August 7
    3:16 am

    I am going to steal your jewelry.


  • McVane
    August 7
    7:26 pm

    Miranda! She’s my favourite. Uptight, sarky, funny, blunt, timid [the vibrator war between her and the housekeeper? Classic.], and a huge heart of gold. Samantha is the runner up. Carrie is actually the least favourite. *shame*

    Mr. Big is … eugh. He treated Carrie like shit. If a man would dare to make me grovel for a door key to his home during our relationship, I’d kick him in the balls.

    I’m struggling to recall Burger. Who’s he? *thinking* Are we talking about Berger? Jack Berger?

    The Russian was lovely, I thought. He’s wise, open-minded, human [he was scared on the eve of the Big Night]. But so wrong for Carrie.

    Aiden — Mr. Nice Guy who doesn’t compromise. Nah.


  • Karen Scott
    August 7
    9:08 pm

    Scott, you win, with your dynamite, but SATC is waaaay better than Star Wars (g)! Happy B’day btw! You found Carrie Fisher sexy? Hmmmm…

    Angie, I was very relieved that Carrie ended up with Big too, the Russian was just horrid!! I didn’t bawl, but it was a lovely ending.

    Mel, Charlotte’s Harry was just a dream wasn’t he? He used to crack me up! Much better than Trey!

    LaShaunda, I just couldn’t stand the Russian, I didn’t see the point of him being in the show. As for Richard, I found him marginally amusing, but I think this had more to do with Samantha than him.

    Thanks Adrienne, lol at the Carrie farting in bed reminder!! I liked Big too, Aidan was just too wishy washy for me! Samantha was fab.

    Indida you certainly aren’t alone when it comes to the Russian, I still fast forward the scenes with him now! Ugh!! As for you and Brad, well I hear he’s on the rebound with Angelina, so he may well come back to you soon (after I”ve finished with him anyway) *g*

    Erin, you’ve never watched SATC? Heathen!!

    Sarah, that episode with Samantha was just hilarious!! Oh, and by the way, I have a feeling you mean Ai8dan rather than Berger (g) Berger was vile! You’re so right about Charlotte’s Harry, he was perfect hero material, tea bag habits or no!

    Kristie, they’re playing SATC at 7pm? Woa, that is waaay to early!

    Hey Ro you puta, I Paul and I did it twice last week on non-weekdays I’ll have you know!! Aidan was just too much work, I did like him though! Miranda was fab too!!

    Thanks Just Tarv!

    Sarah, lol!! It’s ok, I figured out who you were talkingabout!!

    Chelle, Charlotte was really funny too, I loved the whole Elizabeth Taylor thing she had going on.

    I’m so honoured to have one of FBI’s most wanted jewellery thieves on my blog, whatever did I do to deserve you? BTW, if you came to my house to steal my jewellery, my husband would knock you out and feed you to our pet lion.

    Maili, I loved Miranda too! Carrie is actually last on my list, that seems to happen with most programmes, the popular ones are rarely ever the lead characters, a la Terri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives. I’m a huge Bree Van De Kamp fangirl!!


  • Scott
    August 7
    10:33 pm

    Carrie Fisher in her slave outfit from “Return of the Jedi” …. yes, that was sexy. But again, not as sexy as any of the ladies from SATC. (Actually, from what I saw, it was a very good show, just not something men can watch and totally enjoy or get.)


  • Anonymous
    August 9
    5:37 pm

    Just stumbled onto your site, it’s rather adorable. Thanks for sharing. Carrie shoulda ended up w/Aiden, but Big was always where her heart was….so I’m glad for the chicka. Wish they’d come back, I miss my Sunday Night Girlfriends… :o(


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