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I’ve had a hectic but fun weekend. The Tall Guy and I drove down to London on Friday evening, and stayed at a wonderful hotel in Victoria.
We went out to an Italian restaurant at 11pm at night, which isn’t very healthy but jolly good fun all the same. On Saturday we went to Leicester Square and Covent Garden, and Camden Market. We also wondered down to Wimbledon village.

Whilst in Covent Garden, I picked up three of JD Robb’s ‘In Death’ books, a Laura Kinsale offering, and Christine Feehan’s Dark Gold.

We drove back home late on Saturday evening because we were due to attend a christening on Sunday morning.

The Christening on Sunday was lovely, the baby looked too cute for words, and was really good even when the water was poured over his head. He was an absolute darling!

After the Christening, Paul and went to our gym for a swim. After that we went to the park because it was too nice a day to stay in.

I took my new books along. I chose to read Christine Feehan’s Dark Gold first, and by page 40, I was wondering if the book was going to improve any time soon. By page 96, I was bored shitless, so I gave it up as a bad job, and decided to read Laura Kinsale’s Hidden Heart later. A much better idea as it turned out

I liked the story mainly because the hero and heroine were likeable, and also I think I’m a sucker for tortured heroes. Gryphon had more issues than Hello magazine, and I absolutely loved it.

The only negative thing for me, is that I learned way more about blockades and sea-faring than I ever wanted to know. Kinsale has a way of detailing every minute thing, and I’m afraid I’m one of those readers who just doesn’t need that much detail in her romance stories. On the whole though, it was a very enjoyable read.

I hope you all had a good weekend too.

OH, btw, can anybody tell me why the RITA’s are named after Rita Clay Estrada, and Rita Gallagher?

I’ve read many books by Ms Clay Estrada, and I don’t recall ever being blown away by any of her books. As for Ms Gallagher, I don’t recall reading any of her books period. I’m assuming they were the founding members of RWA along with Vivian Stephens, but I’m not too familiar with the story, so if anybody wants to elaborate, I’d be duly grateful…

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  • Scott
    August 8
    1:43 pm

    Glad to hear that you had a good weekend Karen.


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