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Maintaining That Big Old Hard-On…

Friday, August 12, 2005
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When was the last time your husband or boyfriend came ten times in one night? Scott? *g*

And for those of you who can actually remember this happening, (lord knows I can’t) did this happen on a regular basis, or was it more of a one-off thing, that probably hasn’t been repeated since?

The reason I ask, is because I read a book last night that made my jaws drop in amazement.

The hero and heroine swapped all kinds of bodily liquids, and somehow the hero managed to maintain his hard-on for about twenty-four hours straight. They did this for about six months.

Is that even possible without some kind of medical assistance?

Now the Tall Guy has got remarkable stamina when it comes to maintaining an erection, but once that baby reaches it’s pinnacle, it needs recovery time. I could bounce on it for ever and a day, and it would still need the appropriate recovery time. So what gives?

Does that mean he isn’t as good as I think he is? Does he have some kind of erectile deficiency? (smooches hun).

I don’t think so.

How many people have sex more than six times a night, and by sex, I mean the swapping of bodily fluids during various sexual acts?

You see, I know that romance books are hugely based on fantasy, but sometimes, I do think that some authors go just a tad too far in terms of writing believable sex scenes.

It’s one thing to write a prolonged sex scene, but given the physiological aspects of having sex, does maintaining a hard-on for twenty-four hours straight, not go beyond the realms of possibility?

I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule as there always are, but really my amigo’s, is this your reality? It sure as hell isn’t mind, and I don’t mind telling you so either.

If my husband could maintain his erection for twenty-four hours straight, we would have gotten divorced years ago. Who needs that much pressure?

Does the fantasy really mean that reality is totally left behind, or do you prefer a good mixture of both, if only for the sake of believability?