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There was a news item on the radio last week about a couple who had fifteen children, and were claiming over £4000 ($6,800) worth of benefits each month from the state. WTF?

I so don’t have a problem with parents claiming benefits for themselves and their children, but I’m sorry, in my opinion, if you choose to breed a ridiculous number of kids, why the fuck should I, as a taxpayer foot the bill? Especially when neither of the parents work.

Unfortunately, I can’t link to the actual story, but as far as I could gather, the mother had been pregnant every year since 1990. Apparently, she loves children, and just wanted as many as possible. You don’t say.

I also don’t have a problem with people choosing to have lots of children, but if you can’t afford them, then why have so many? That’s just irresponsible, and hugely selfish.

If it was up to me. I’d stop anybody with over six children from claiming benefits. Either that, or I’d make them get their reproduction bits seen to.
This includes couples who have multiple births, because if they manage to have three sets of twins, then getting pregnant again, should be at their own expense.

If you want fifteen children, by all means have them, just don’t expect me to pay for them. Sheesh.


  • Anonymous
    August 16
    1:30 pm

    15 children, woo hoo, that’s an awful lot of stretch marks. I agree, 15 children is ok if you have the money to feed and clothe them, but as adults, if the intention is to live off welfare, then that’s not right. I’m crossing my legs right now.


  • Eve Vaughn
    August 16
    2:30 pm

    I believe people have the right to have as many children as they want, but they do not have the right expect others to foot the bill. My mom is one of 17, but my grandparents were not on welfare a day of their lives. They found a way somehow. Some people are always looking for a free ride.


  • McVane
    August 16
    3:55 pm

    I can’t figure out why the father wouldn’t get a job. He did say that he weighed pros and cons of getting a job and decided to stay on the dole because he gets more money from receiving benefits than a job, but … WTF?

    You should point out that their oldest son’s family are on the welfare as well.


  • Maven
    August 16
    4:12 pm

    $6800.00?!? That’s more than three months wages for us! I’m pushing it contemplating my third, I can’t imagine 15.
    I agree with Karen, if you can’t feed them yourself, don’t have them! I’m all for state medical insurance, because even with a good job, health insurance in the States is outragously high (Without the state insurance, my 2 kids would take 1/3 of our monthly income to insure, I am uninsured) but fifteen kids??? Why didn’t she take in foster children if she loved children so much? Why keep adding to the burden instead of helping children in REAL need.


  • Angela James
    August 16
    8:00 pm

    I don’t understand why they would pay two apparantly healthy adults to stay at home and do nothing? Isn’t there some sort of system in place to ensure that people aren’t milking the system?

    I wish you had the link Karen. I’d love to post this on my parenting board because there are people on there who have multiple children (like over 6) and a few are on welfare here. I’d love to see their response. Yes, I’m a shit-stirrer 😉


  • Chocoholic Girl
    August 16
    9:07 pm

    Angie, some people are just plain lazy. I guess if you’re getting that much money from welfare, why the heck would you want to work. It makes me sick.


  • Desiree Erotique
    August 16
    10:37 pm

    If the bread winner gets laid off or there’s a family tragedy or illness, yes, I can see claiming benefits, until the family is back on its feet- whether that’s a family of eighteen, twenty, or even two. However, I do get fed up with families that have made a lifestyle of living off the system we all pay into; especially trashy types like people who are into drugs, and because of this are deemed unable to work. I have several brain lesions and epilepsy, and have never received disability. We scratch by and are happy, but I do get very angry at people who use the bureaucratic loopholes to get benefits out the yin-yang! I can’t help but wonder if this family mentioned is actually facing difficult times, or just living off a loophole.


  • Dakota Cassidy
    August 18
    5:46 am

    Dayum. 15 kids is a whole lotta Barney.

    I’d jump.


    DC 🙂


  • Jaynie R
    August 19
    10:22 am

    OMG – that is so unfair. We have 3 kids and earn way less than that. Wow, maybe we should move *g*


  • Anonymous
    June 22
    5:49 am

    That is why a license to breed should be required and those who get it are limited to two. Enforced by mandatory sterilization after the birth of the 2nd child, and forced abortions for those who breed without the license. The earth is already overpopulated with humans, why are there still policies in place that reward breeders?


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