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Well Maili has her reader interviews, so I thought it would be a fab idea to have author interviews. I’m hoping to get a variety of romance authors on here to answer questions about themselves. Questions, that perhaps they haven’t been asked before.

With this in mind, I would like you guys to submit questions that I could ask some of the authors. I don’t want boring ones either, I want questions that they haven’t been asked before. (for the weird people out there with underwear fetishes, don’t bother submitting) The funniest and most interesting questions will be used. This is a good opportunity for you lurkers out there to come out and play!

To submit your questions, e-mail me at hairylemony@gmail.com , please write ‘Interview Questions’ in the subject header.

The competition will close on Tuesday 30th August, so you’ve got time to think up some great questions.

Oh yeah, if there are any authors that you would particularly like me to try to get, you can post your suggestions on here. (Try to be realistic wont you, cuz you know as much as Stephen King adores me, he’s just too damn busy)

Gotta go and do some stalking now, so wish me luck!


  • Tammy
    August 22
    3:48 pm

    How about Diana Palmer? *runs and hides*


  • Lisa
    August 22
    9:18 pm

    Karen, did you get my e-mail?



  • Rosie
    August 22
    9:20 pm

    You have my good wishes and good luck. Can’t wait to see who you get and what you ask!!


  • Anonymous
    August 23
    4:08 am

    I have 3 suggested authors and questions
    Jeya Jenson (about her wild tatoo)
    Jewel Adams (about juggling writing and radio)
    Desire Erotique (about almost anything)


  • Marianne LaCroix
    August 23
    5:31 am

    Oh, honest to goodness real interviews. Perfect. And you ARE the woman to do it. Great idea.

    Authors I suggest…Pamela Downs (she used erotic romance to break into mainstream at Cerridwen, and has been dx with melanoma recently), Adrienne Kama (she really is Stella in real life), or Kate Douglas (her break into Kensington through ebook serieal is pretty cool).


  • Desiree Erotique
    August 23
    1:26 pm

    AWK!! (des blushing with embarrassment here)
    I agree with Mari; Adrienne would be fantastic. But then, so would Mari!


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