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Yeah, yeah, so it’s a mouthful, but I couldn’t find another title that could explain this post better than the above.

I ask this question because I read a novella last night which typified how authors dealt with exes, or should I say, how they mostly present the exes sexual prowess or lack thereof to the reader.

Basically, the heroine, Carla, had been married before, but as per usual, she was a married woman who’d never had good sex. Ever. Let me remind you, she’d been married for six years.

Obviously her husband had died in a tragic car crash (don’t they all?) and they had adored each other and all, but unfortunately, they were incompatible in the sack, (and they lasted six years?) so by the time the hero shows up, she’s feeling so horny that even the gherkin starts looking appealing.

I know that people say that sex isn’t the be all and end all of a relationship, but who the hell marries a guy who finds it hard to get hard for you, or prematurely ejaculates all over the place?

I once dated this guy who didn’t have a clue where my vagina was. Our relationship lasted for about a week, before I moved on to pastures new. There was no way in hell I would have considered marrying him.

So why do lots of heroines in romance books end up marrying guys, who, either have small peckers, are selfish in bed, or don’t know how to find a woman’s hole?

Why do they have to wait until they meet the hero, before they can finally have good sex?