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My Bank Holiday Weekend Shenanigans…

Monday, August 29, 2005
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Here in England we’ve had a three day weekend, which is always good. It’s been hectic to say the least.

The Tall Guy and I went out to our favourite Mongolian restaurant on Friday evening, and were treated like royalty by the staff there (the ladies there love the Tall Guy) the food was exquisite and the service was fantastic.

We also got a complimentary bottle of wine from the owner of the restaurant which went down really well. Too well actually. (g)

On Saturday evening, myself and some girlfriends went out to an Italian restaurant for dinner. One of our friends was moving to Thailand, to live permanently, and we wanted to give her a good send-off.

Between the six of us, we managed to consume two bottles of Moet, which we only ever buy on REALLY special occasions seeing as it cost £40 ($68) per bottle, and four bottles of wine. After dinner, we then went into town, and hung out with the ten year olds (or at least they only looked ten, does this mean I’m getting old?) and drank some more. Needless to say, I was pretty legless by home time.

The Tall Guy hates me getting cabs on my own when I’m in town, so he came to pick me up at about 2am, bless his cotton socks. We were all very girly, very loud, and very silly, but he was pretty good-natured about being attacked by a bunch of drunken females. He took me home, and apparently I passed out. Sorry babe.

My sister passed her driving test a couple of weeks ago, so she wanted The Tall Guy and I, to go with her to look for a car, so on Sunday, that’s precisely what we did.

She’d asked me to put her on my insurance when she first passed, but I equivocally refused, and having been a backseat passenger, whilst she took the car that she eventually bought for a drive, I stand by my decision. She drives much too fast. I was frantically doing my Hail Mary’s during the ride, and I’m not even Catholic.

Today, Paul and I, and some friends, visited a popular theme park here in England called Alton Towers. We went on lots of rides, ate lots of junk food, and generally behaved like children. It was lots of fun.

All in all, it was a jolly good weekend. Anybody do anything interesting?