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The President’s New Clothes…

Wednesday, September 7, 2005
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“Oops, where are my trousers?” Posted by Picasa

He looks kind of surprised doesn’t he?

Godammit, I can’t believe that Fox refused to run this campaign ad

Arianna Huffington doesn’t mind playing the blame game. I’m with her.


  • Sam
    September 8
    11:15 am

    That is a funny picture – but I guess respect is a law now in the US. You have to respect the president. After all. He was elected so most of the people in the US respect him. And if you didn’t vote for the asshole and you’re stuck with him, you have to respect him anyhow.
    (I’m all for respect – but not in detriment of poking fun at someone.)


  • Maven
    September 8
    2:29 pm

    I suppose we’ll have to cancel Saturday Night Live, Bill Mahr, and fire all the political cartoonists then. Heck! Making fun of the Prez is an institution in this country. (I still love Will Farrel’s impression of GW as a moron playing with a ball of yarn)
    Besides, I thought FCC regs required equal time for Pols on TV so networks couldn’t show favoritism…


  • Maven
    September 8
    2:36 pm

    Anyone else seen the GWB magnetic fridge paperdolls out? I love the evening gown and the Napoleon costume…


  • Eve Vaughn
    September 8
    7:23 pm

    Why are you surprised Karen? It’s a well known fact that Fox is very Pro Bush. He can do no wrong to them. As for the blame game, although Bush and his buddies are saying let’s not play the blame game, they sure are pointing the finger in a lot of different directions. The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard so far was that the city was to blame for being there in the first place. *sigh*


  • Desiree Erotique
    September 12
    2:27 pm

    Cute, lol


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