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God Bless Hollywood…

Thursday, September 8, 2005
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Sean Penn Is My F*cking Hero

You know what, no matter that some of the cynics amongst us will question the motives of Hollywood celebrities trying to help the victims of Katrina, I think it’s bloody marvelous that Sean Penn, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Harry Connick Junior, John Travolta and a few others, took the time out to visit the people of New Orleans, in order to offer their help and support.

I just about cried when I saw Sean Penn carrying one of Katrina’s victims onto the boat that he’d brought with him.

I loved the fact that John Travolta was helping to carry much needed food parcels, to those people who hadn’t eaten for days.

I got a huge lump in my throat when I saw Julia Roberts hugging as many people as she could in the superdome, and listening to their horrific personal stories.

Harry Connick Junior impressed me no end, by wading in the shit-ridden cesspool, that New Orleans has become, in an effort to find trapped victims.

As per usual, Oprah Winfrey uses her fame and celebrity for good. I wanna be Oprah when I grow up.

These celebs made it to New Orleans, so it begs the question, why couldn’t Bush?

But never mind that, the purpose of this post, is to pay tribute to those in Hollywood who have left the comforts of their luxurious multi-million dollar homes, to go to the aid of people in dire need.

For these wonderful acts of kindness, I totally salute them.


  • Anonymous
    September 8
    7:30 pm

    Bush made 2 trips to the area, which covers the coast of 3 states and for some miles inland. I hear that at one spot all services, including food, shut down for 8 hours. There’s extensive security issues with celebrity vistis, much more of it with political oficials. New Orleans has been a war zone anyway, so the security problems would be unworkable.

    Several towns were blown off the face of the map or submerged by floods, but NO has gotten most of the news coverage. There’s thousands of people in need besides those in NO who also aren’t getting much attention, and some of them no attention at all.

    The size and spread of the disaster area is partly the reason New Orleans happened. Another part is States Rights vs. Federal envolvement. They’re still fighting over who does what and when. They’re all incompetent, apparently. The La Governor is fighting with the NO mayor over forced evictions. Many people there and elsewhere don’t want to leave and there’s legal problems with forcing them out.

    The Red Cross wasn’t allowed into NO because of the safety problems with the armed gangs shooting at everybody. 400 of the NO police force quit – 2 suicides. The whole thing is a mess beyond belief or description. Total and profound mismangement and incompetence.


  • Anonymous
    September 8
    7:33 pm

    oh, ya. Some La official, don’t know if it was the governor or the mayor, wouldn’t let food and water be delivered because they didn’t want more people going to the sports arena where there wasn’t any lights or sewage facilities and had several dead bodies, etc. The problems were mamouth. But the Red Cross was feeding several thousand other people in the rest of the states.


  • Scott
    September 8
    9:08 pm

    You gotta admit, even if their reasons are not all together righteous, that is damn good of them to take the time to help. I know that I feel terrible not being able to donate my time to help clean up or help people in need. Part of it is just being scared of what it could do to me financially, or worried about the diseases one could get down there now. And yet these big time stars that don’t have to go down there are. Even if just to talk to the victims and stay away from the dangers. I am sure it means an awful lot to those victims.


  • MaryMary
    September 8
    9:51 pm

    I watched Oprah yesterday too and I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I was crying while watching because of their(the celebrities and average joe’s) heroic efforts and yet, as an American living several thousands of miles away from the South, I feel so helpless myself. My husband and I have given money, but I wish I could be down there to be more proactive. It’s very frustrating to see the need and not be able to do more.


  • Maven
    September 9
    12:11 am

    For people in the U.S. truly interested in helping in a real, tangible way:
    Adopt and shelter a displaced person.


  • Jill
    September 9
    4:31 am

    Loved this post, couldn’t have said it better.


  • Daisy Dexter Dobbs
    September 9
    5:38 am

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Karen. Well stated.


  • Amy
    September 9
    4:19 pm

    I’m glad you posted this. I hadn’t seen or heard all these stories yet. They’re good ones. 🙂


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