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Well my TBR pile is getting out of hand, and I keep thinking I really must do something about it, but all I seem to do is buy more bloody books GODAMMIT! Oh well.

I finally gave in and bought Joey Hill’s Natural Law yesterday. (I’d link but I can’t be arsed.)

I started reading it, and got stuck on page 66. I was reminded why I usually avoid being swayed by hype, and other people’s opinions on books. Sigh. (I’m now dreading starting Jenny Crusie’s Bet Me for this reason. I’m tempted to put off reading it till the new year…)

Anyway, I was determined to keep reading it, so I put my MS Reader automated voice on, and my laptop read to me whilst I searched for my passport, (just in case you didn’t know, me and hubby are flying to Florida in 9 days, for two weeks), tidied out my wardrobe, and changed the bed covers. Somehow, I kept drifting off, and thus missed great big chunks of the book. I eventually turned my talking man off. Sigh.

I think I’m gonna hate BDSM forever now, although the book was well written, gauging from the parts that I read, and the parts that were read to me, I just can’t get into the whole Sub and Dom scene. I thought it would make a difference that the Dom was a woman. But it didn’t.

I blame JW McKenna for making me hate BDSM books. It is so his fault.

I’m not in the mood to do any in-depth reviews, but I will list the books in my TBR pile, that I’ve read so far.

I Read VLT’s Gone with the Nerd, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. I can’t be arsed telling you what it was about, just know that I liked it. VLT Rocks, and if any of you disagree with me, I’m not interested in hearing about it.

I also read Barbara Delinsky’s ‘Moment to Moment’, because once upon a time, I used to actually rate her books. Jesus Effing Christ. Memory lane isn’t always pleasant. I’ll say no more than that.

I read Sidney Sheldon’s Stranger in The Mirror and liked it. He rarely disappoints.

I enjoyed Ann Wesley Hardin’s Coffee, Tea, or Lea?, immensely. I like her books, mainly because I dig her characters, and her heroines don’t make me want to stick a rocket launcher up their arses.

Barbara Sheridan’s Bitter Sweet Surrender? I bloody loved it, and when I first read it, I was going to do a shiny blog on how much I freaking loved it, but Katrina happened, and I didn’t really feel like writing a shiny happy post anymore.

I also read Sarah McCarty’s long-awaited Conception, and of course it didn’t disappoint. Sarah has a freaking fantastic way with words. I actually preferred the heroine to the hero this time, which rarely ever happens with me. *g*

Linda Howard’s To Die For was another bloody marvelous read. The sex was a bit wham-bam-thank-you-mam, but it didn’t matter one bit. I mostly skipped over those bits anyway.

Looking at this list, I’ve just realised that I actually read loads more books than I gave myself credit for. Mind you, I had another delivery from Amazon today, so I probably shouldn’t congratulate myself just yet. Sigh

I wont be posting this weekend because The Tall Guy and I have got a busy couple of days ahead of us. (Hence the rather long-winded post.)

Our activities will include Florida clothes shopping in Manchester, and I’ve got yet another bloody Hen Night (bachelorette party) to attend. Sigh. (I luv you really Denise!)

BTW Scott, I don’t suppose you saw the England International football match against Northern Ireland did you? We were f*cking woeful.

I’m going to bed now, cuz it’s the weekend, which means that there will be more interesting things to do than sleeping tonight *g*

Hugs to you Ro!

Have a nice weekend everybody.

(BTW, don’t think that I didn’t notice that the guy responsible for overseeing rescue efforts in New Orleans has been ‘moved’ to another ‘department’. Poor Michael Brown, one minute the President’s telling you that you’re fantastic, the next thing you know, you’ve lost your job. Oh well. Shit happens.)


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    September 9
    11:16 pm

    Hey Karen! My sister is reading your blog now! She alerted me to your capsule review of CTorL. Have to say I’m sooo glad I write women who’s arses will stay rocket launcher free. *gg* May it always be that way.

    Have a great weekend shopping!~Ann


  • Scott
    September 9
    11:49 pm

    Sorry Karen, didn’t catch that match. But I am happy to say that the US boys played brilliantly over Mexico (who usually walks over us). The win qualified them for the trip to Germany next year.

    By the way, I know about TBR piles. I got a gift certificate at Borders (a really good book store chain in the US). After my purchase I got a coupon for 25% off a book that I had to buy during the following week. Then they signed me up for a Bonus Rewards card and gave me another coupon! So I went and used both of those and sure enough, another coupon!! Too bad I have to keep using these. 😉


  • Rosie
    September 10
    6:49 am

    Karen, I read Katherine Allred based on your recommend and have really enjoyed both her books from Cerridwen.

    I’d given Bittersweet Surrender a look, but passed since my TBR seems to grow no matter how fast I read!

    I’m off to buy Bittersweet now…it’s good to have variety in one’s stash. 🙂


  • Sam
    September 10
    7:29 am

    Have a great weekend –
    Your booklist is impressive.
    I’m reading Minette Walters right now – she is SUCH an awesome writer.
    Have two Terry Pratchet books lined up – can’t wait.


  • Anne
    September 10
    12:53 pm

    Karen, it seems you’ve read a lot of your TBR pile! Congrats! Remember, Katherine Allred has another book coming out soon, so keep your eyes open for that one.


  • Desiree Erotique
    September 11
    3:08 pm

    American politics, sigh.
    Wishing you a great weekend, and happy reading, Karen, sounds like you’re a voracious reader 🙂


  • Karen Scott
    September 11
    8:37 pm

    Ann, I’m always pleased to add another loyal reader to my growing collection of readers! And yes, I really enjoyed CTOL, also I loved the cover!

    Scott, I heard about USA qualifying, and I was really pleased for them. Me and The Tall Guy always want them to do well.
    I subscribe to Mills and Boon, and I have to say, I currently have eight of the books that I’ve been sent still waiting to be opened.

    Ah Rosie, it scares me when people read books based on my recs. It’s a long book, but I think you’ll like it.

    Sam, I HEART Terry Pratchett!! I have a good collection of his books!

    Anne, I think KA’s book comes out next Thursday, so I’ll just have time to read it before me and Paul fly out to Florida.

    Des, how are you doing? Yes I’m a voracious reader, but just lately I’ve been letting things slide.


  • Sarah McCarty
    September 13
    3:45 pm

    Haven’t checked in a bit. I’m glad to see you’re making a dent in the TBR pile. I was beginning to get concerned it would get tall enough to do dmage if it fell on you. *G*

    Thanks so much for the comments on CONCEPTION. It’s pretty cool to read have a “freaking fantastic way with words” in relation to myself.


  • Dakota Cassidy
    September 14
    7:58 pm

    Darling? Have a safe, sun-filled trip to Florida, huh? Oh, and do me a favor? PLEASE never read a book of mine. You askairt me. LOLLOL

    DC 🙂


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