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Harry and William During The Tsunami Disaster

By Royal, I only mean the tax burdens to this country, and not their European counterparts (Is Prince Albert of Monaco gay or not? Does anybody know the answer to this question?)

My fave Royal along with everybody else used to be the Princess of Wales, but we all know about her tragic her (murder) accident in 1997.

Do you remember where you were, when the news first broke?

I’d been out the night before with some student friends, and The Tall Guy, and I had had an argument because he was being an ass (of course it was totally his fault *g*) and we’d gone to bed angry.

When we switched the TV on the next morning, it was to the chilling news that she’d died. I still remember the sick feeling that came over me that morning. *Shudder*.

I’ve decided that Prince Harry is now my fave royal. Now don’t go screwing up your face, he is not UGLY.

The young prince celebrated his 21st birthday by opening his heart in an interveiw (I feel so old, I still remember when he was born Godammit!) and he was so bloody down-to-earth that one couldn’t help but warm to him.

I can imagine him using the ‘f’ word quite liberally, and I envisage that in his future, he will slip up and use it whilst being interviewed by the BBC Royal correspondent, Jenny Bond. That is a secret dream of mine actually.

I’ve forgiven him for the Nazi uniform faux pas, he so should have known better, but I suspect he had his head up his arse, and pumped up with acid, when he made the decision to go as a Nazi to a fancy dress party. He got publicly lashed anyway, so I think he’s been punished enough. You may disagree.

I used to favour Prince William, but have you seen him lately? He’s going bald, and looking more like his father everyday. *shudder*

My least fave royal is still the Queen. She’s just too stiff-lipped for me. What can I say, I’m not comfortable with people who’s smile don’t reach their eyes.
It could be a generational thing but I don’t think so, after all, I adored the Queen mother to bits, and she was older than Methuselah.

As for Prince Phillip? His gaffes are legendary. I still can’t believe he told a group of British students in China that if they stayed there much longer, they’d all become slitty-eyed. What a guy.

I’d like the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, and Prince Andrew to get back together, (I’m such a romantic) but somehow, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I always thought they made a sweet couple. Come on, what’s a toe-sucking or two between friends huh? She’s one kinky down to earth wench is that one. Which is probably why I like her so much. *g*

I’m not overly fond of Charles and his (tampon) Consort, but I do wish them luck regardless of their rather questionable sense of morality.

So, who’s your favourite current royal (if you have one) now that Diana is gone?

(Trivia – which Royal allegedly told a group of black New York Diners to ‘remember the colonies’?)

Clue: The same Royal who referred to bi-racial people as ‘half-caste’. Sheesh.


Congrats to Britney Spears on the arrival of her beautiful new (accessory) baby boy! Erm… you too Kev.


  • Dawn
    September 15
    11:05 am

    I remember when Diana died. We’d just got back from visiting Mum and Dad in Florida. Jade was 18 months old and it was the first time that Daddy had seen her in the flesh.

    I’d woken up about 3am, I think, and Michael had fallen asleep with the TV on. There was a breaking news thing to say she’d been in an accident. And callous as it sounds, I thought, “Oh, she’s gonna die.” And I went back to sleep.

    Diana was OK, but I’d begun to tire of the poor little me thing she’d been doing for years. She was just beginning to go up in my estimation again when she died (and it was a very sad thing for her boys).

    My fave royal used to be Princess Horseface (Anne), but I went off her a while back. Charles is too wishy washy and Andrew and Edward always made me feel like slapping them.

    I didn’t like the QM. I remember my grandmum telling me that when she was housekeeper at the Governor General’s House in Jamaica, she met the QM a few times and she was a bitch (LOL).

    Now, who’s my fave? I don’t know… maybe Fergie. She’s certainly very down to earth and she’d pulled herself out of that very deep hole she got herself into financially. I think the Firm treated her abominably!


  • Sam
    September 15
    12:32 pm

    LOL about the royals. My MIL’s favorite fantasy is having French re-instate the monarchy. I told her I’d be first in line to lead them to the guillotine if that ever happened…(she still loves me)But honestly – what a drain on taxes and culture, lol.
    I used to live in England, and we drove past Fergie and Andrew’s new house almost every day. Can’t believe how ugly it was. Brand new brick building sticking out like a sore thumb. We used to call it ‘Chateau Tesco’. Since I adored Fergie’s mother, the lovely Susan Barrantes, I guess I have to like Fergie too – although she is a bit of a fire-cracker. You never know when she’s going to go off.
    The Queen Mum used to be my favorite – floating on her little cloud…all smiles and waves. So sweet.
    When Diana died, I was in the car driving the kids back from Deauville and I just broke down and cried. I’d met her twice, my husband was absolutely besotted (he has a picture of him shaking her hand and he looks star-struck) she really was a beautiful person. Had to stop my car and just bawled while the kids started crying too. Prince Charles is a nice chap. My husband played polo against him quite a lot and he’s a really good sport about losing, lol. When he broke his arm I sent him a note and he sent back a very sweet reply. Anyhow – you can’t really appreciate them until you’ve lived in England. They’re so much fun to make fun of – you have to keep them on for another couple hundred years!


  • Tara Marie
    September 15
    12:38 pm

    I’m not much of a “royal watcher,” but I do think Harry’s a cutie and there’s nothing wrong with being a bad boy, otherwise what a boring bunch.

    I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere that the Prince Albert of Monaco pays child support for an illegitimate child he had with a flight attendant.


  • Desiree Erotique
    September 15
    5:55 pm

    I was enjoying a six-week stay in the hospital while the doctors were trying to stop Wolfy’s premature labor when Princess Dianna died. I was quite upset about this, as were the nurses. The Princess was a class act, and many people worldwide held a lot of respect for her.

    Not sure if I have a fave English royal now, Karen. Ask me privately about other Houses if you wish 🙂


  • Pink Pen
    September 15
    6:30 pm

    I was watching Saturday Night Live when a skit that I’d thought was very funny came on, so I went to another room to tell my dad to put it on. He said there was a news brief on, so I went back upstairs and there was an announcement that Di had been killed.

    I thought it was a joke and I was ready to start sending out letters and boycotts of SNL because I thought that was too tacky of a skit to have on the show. But I flipped channels and everyone else was saying the same thing! Shocked the heck out of me. Very sad day, she was such a beautiful person, inside and out.

    My favourite royal has to be Fergie. You gotta love a woman who, after a major breakup, goes worldwide about her weight loss issues, and then gets herself looking so hot she poses in magazines wearing nothing but a pair of Jimmy Choos. 🙂


  • Kristie
    September 15
    9:27 pm

    They are a fascinating family aren’t they. I think my favourite is William.
    Least favourite – the queen. I know she’s a queen and all that but she stinks as a mother.
    I always hoped Andrew and Fergie would get back together too.


  • Paz
    September 16
    2:26 am

    Do you have a recent photo of William. I wanna see this balding-looking like-his-father look. 😉



  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    September 16
    8:46 pm

    I had just gotten home from my part time job. It was about 11pm here. Hubby said that Di had been in a bad accident. He went to bed and I stayed up and watched the news until they made the announcement.

    It was a sad day for everyone. I recall feeling quite down for a few days. By then I had stopped idolizing her, but she was my age and I felt awful for her boys. It’s always personal when a young mother dies. And then with the funeral and the card that said “Mummy”. My heart broke.

    Oh, what Paz said! I want to see the balding heartthrob too!


  • Kat O+
    September 17
    5:39 am

    Karen – It’s bizarre but you pretty much summarised how I feel about the royals (including Prince Albert – heh). Prince Harry is my favourite, too, for much the same reasons.


  • Marianne LaCroix
    September 18
    2:02 pm

    I remember when Diana passed. I was on a visit to NJ because my dad had passed the day before. It was a terrible week.


  • Wynn Bexton
    September 26
    4:46 am

    I was up in the Caribou (ranch district) of B.C. the night Diana died. Next day we went to the Barriere Rodeo and they had a minute’s silence and said the cowboy’s prayer for her. It was so touching!

    Most of the Royals who were my faves are gone: Diane, queen Mom and Margaret. I guess I like rebels! Harry is one, and he’s getting cuter all the time. And Fergie too. She’s so gutsy!

    By the way, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Clever & amusing!


  • Jaynie R
    September 27
    11:20 am

    I was at Uni – I was doing some work in front of the tv when the first newsbreak came on – then I sat glued to the tv all day – I couldn’t believe she was dead.

    I also think it would be cool if Andrew and Fergie get back together.

    A favourite? hmmm, how about the new baby of Edwards – it hasn’t done anything stupid yet.


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