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I’ve had a funny old day today. To be totally honest, it’s been an absolute bitch.

Firstly, it’s been pissing cats and dogs all day, which put me in a bad mood straight away, then when I went for my monthly pamper session, my bikini wax nearly turned into a f*cking Brazilian, because the new girl at the beauty clinic that I go to was very nervous. Sigh.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I went to a Bodyshop party tonight, and it was just my worst nightmare.

The Tall Guy and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now, but for some reason, my body isn’t co-operating.

I’m usually ok with my reproductive problems, because I figure that what will be, will be, but some days, that kind of sensible rationalisation just flies out of the window, and leaves in it’s wake a lot of bitterness and jealousy.

Tonight, all the women at the party were mothers of young children, and so naturally, the conversations were mostly about the exploits of their babies.

On most days, I can usually carry on a perfectly reasonable conversation about other people’s children, but for some reason, tonight it was tough.

The feelings of inadequacy blind-sided me, and took me by surprise. It’s been quite a while since I felt so out of it.

Anyway, like I said, I don’t get like this very often. I’ve just sent Paul out to get some Mars Ice-cream in a tub. I intend to eat the whole lot when it arrives.

I’m currently wearing black polyester and listening to my Dawson’s Creek CD (yeah, I know) and singing along to ‘Don’t Blame It On The Weatherman’. I’m really looking forward to hearing te next track, which happens to be called ‘I’m Not Like Other Girls’.
I enjoyed the fourth track very much, it was entitled, ‘Life’s A Bitch’. In other words, the perfect album to listen to when one feels like shit.

On the bright side though, at least my skin feels wonderful today. Thanks for that Jody.