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Some Florida Pics…

Friday, October 21, 2005
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Flamingoes At Seaworld

Dolphins At Seaworld

The Tall Guy At Space Centre

The Tall Guy outside Scuzzy Hotel

Obliging Policemen Outside Florida Mall

Me Outside Scuzzy Hotel

Apologies re dodgy images, we had a nightmare with the camera, thank God for the digicamcorder! Will post some more when I can be arsed!


  • Jaid Black
    October 21
    11:22 pm

    LOL which scuzzy hotel was it?


  • Karen Scott
    October 22
    1:58 pm

    It was the Quality International on I-Drive, Ugghhh!! I still have nightmares about the circa 1950’s carpet, and the dead fly on the ceiling!


  • Jaid Black
    October 25
    2:59 am

    lolololololol!!!! I empathize. You already know about the horror of my Parisian apartment 😉


  • Isnt riding a horse while talking on the cell phone illegal? ;P


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