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I see President Bush is having a bad old week, poor baby.

Firstly, he’s had to accept the withdrawal of his Supreme Court nominee, Harriett Miers. With the growing ‘Let’s Kick Harriet Out’ campaign that has been waged since Dubya specially chose her (cuz you know, they go back a long way), I wondered how long it would take, before she changed her mind. Who needs that kind of pressure?

He may learn yet, that trying to promote his bosom buddies won’t endear him to the rest of his cohorts.

If that wasn’t bad enough, his Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove may face perjury charges tomorrow, for allegedly lying about vindictively leaking the name of a CIA operative in order to piss the operative’s husband off.

I wish these children would learn to play together nicely.

To top off a fabulous week, Dubya’s handling of yet another hurricane crisis has been called into question. Again.

I bet he wishes he hadn’t bothered getting out of bed this week.

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