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I see President Bush is having a bad old week, poor baby.

Firstly, he’s had to accept the withdrawal of his Supreme Court nominee, Harriett Miers. With the growing ‘Let’s Kick Harriet Out’ campaign that has been waged since Dubya specially chose her (cuz you know, they go back a long way), I wondered how long it would take, before she changed her mind. Who needs that kind of pressure?

He may learn yet, that trying to promote his bosom buddies won’t endear him to the rest of his cohorts.

If that wasn’t bad enough, his Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove may face perjury charges tomorrow, for allegedly lying about vindictively leaking the name of a CIA operative in order to piss the operative’s husband off.

I wish these children would learn to play together nicely.

To top off a fabulous week, Dubya’s handling of yet another hurricane crisis has been called into question. Again.

I bet he wishes he hadn’t bothered getting out of bed this week.

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  • Shannon Stacey
    October 28
    3:21 am

    Please tell me that tomorrow that picture won’t be the first we see anymore. It’s so hard to type from the fetal position.

    I won’t comment on the politics because our little disaster area of a state is being pretty much ignored by the government and I’m not even getting started, but the picture is scarring my psyche. *g*


  • Karen Scott
    October 28
    8:54 am

    Lol!!! This the photo I’ll use whenever I have any Bush commentary, I just think it’s so appropriate somehow!


  • Dawn
    October 28
    2:07 pm

    I got a call from my cuz’s hubby yesterday. They live in Broward County in Florida. He told me that all the Bushes are the same in looking out for themselves. Apparently good ole Jeb (whose home is in Dade County) visited that area and declared a state of emergency, stating how everything was being done to ease the suffering of the victims and pretty much ignoring the areas of the State which were much worse off than his home.

    Shoot the lot of ’em I say.

    Luckily the family weren’t battered greatly by the hurricanes.


  • Eve Vaughn
    October 28
    2:24 pm

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a naked Tony Blair pic. Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I think he’s kind of hot. 😀


  • Sam
    October 28
    3:37 pm

    Poor Dubya – a bad week indeed.
    Hard to feel sorry for the bastard though. He’s rolling in oil money and as soon as his second term is over it’s back to living the good old life – not that he’s ever held down a steady job in his whole life.


  • Rosie
    October 29
    6:09 pm

    Thank God Miers stepped down. Law degree or not, she has done trial law in years and NEVER sat a bench. This is a candidate for the Supreme Court? Unbelievable!

    I remember one a Poli Sci teacher telling a class I was in years ago that the most long lasting affect a President has on our country is the federal and supreme court judges they appoint. God help us.


  • Lori
    November 3
    5:14 am

    W is such an ass! God, it’s embarassing how corrupt our gov’t is!

    I think Meiers was a decoy all along to get his ultra-conservative white guy into the court.


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