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Elloras Cave Books Banned At Ebay…

Wednesday, November 2, 2005
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According to Lauren Dane, EC author, Elloras Cave books have been banned at Ebay. Apparently some of the books, including Jaid Black’s have already been pulled.

I’m willing to bet some tight-arsed customers complained to Ebay. That’s generally the only time a company like Ebay would take this kind of action. I certainly hope it wasn’t Elizabeth Bevarly who complained… we all know how she feels about EC books don’t we? *g*


  • Anne
    November 2
    10:38 pm

    Isn’t that just crazy? What the hell is going on at eBay? It’s insanity I tell you! INSANITY! Kind of like when I went to the Borders in Green Bay and they don’t carry any EC books. Prudes!


  • Kayley
    November 3
    12:36 am

    You can’t buy EC books on eBay, but you can buy Playboy magazines? What is up with their (il)logic?


  • Dawn
    November 3
    9:25 am

    That’s completely stupid. So does that mean that they’re going to search through all their listings and ban private sellers from selling their EC books also?


  • Karen Scott
    November 3
    9:43 am

    Anne, when I went into the Walden’s on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, one of the women there actually shuddered when I asked if they stocked EC books, having said that she did look about 117, so maybe I offended her delicate sensibilities *g*

    Kayley, I’m assuming their going to re-categorise the books, cuz other-wise they’ll have to take all the playboy magazines out also.

    Dawn, they’re probably just panicking cuz they’ve had some really bad press lately, what with the scammers who have just been found guilty of defrauding people. As with most businesses, they want to be seen to be listening to the consumer probably. It’ll be interesting to see how this ends up.


  • Kate R
    November 3
    9:02 pm

    They had problems with paypal for a long time too.

    I bet that’s a problem at ebay–they had a lot of books listed there.


  • Kate R
    November 3
    9:03 pm

    Wonder if they ban Scooter Libby’s book? I have a bit of it at my blog and wooowee, that man is kinda sick.


  • Rosie
    November 4
    2:45 pm

    Last year my bargain hunting brother-in-law won a bid for a box of porn videos. You know like booksellers get rid of older books by putting a bunch in a box for people to buy and a discounted price?

    My music mad son searches for discontinued and underground band t-shirts. Have you seen some of those? Drugs, sex, profanity, nudity…

    You can buy Playboy and sex toys, but not EC books?

    Of course, EC is a successful company run by a woman producing provocative literature for women. It begs the question if it had pictures of naked women and was run by a man if we would be having this conversation?

    I personally have never purchased anything on ebay and am not dependent on them for my EC purchases. But it is disappointing to hear this news. Not all women live in a place where their bookstores that carry EC.


  • Maven
    November 4
    7:02 pm

    Has anyone written to ebay and asked why?
    If they’re so responsive to customer complaints…sounds like a good letter writing campaign to me!


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