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What The Hell Kind of Name is Tourquisha?

Wednesday, November 9, 2005
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As a British person, I’ve grown up knowing that girls with names like Sharon and Tracy, were usually stereo-typed as blonde bimbettes, who wear white PVC stiletto heels, short mini skirts, and sported big hair.

Thus a lot of people in England will not saddle their kids with those names anymore.

So why can’t American blacks do the same?

Every time I watch any Ricki Lake-type shows, it seems to be full of people who have similar names to the following:


WTF? Don’t black American parents realise that they’re saddling their children with names that will ensure that they are discriminated against before their characters are even determined?

Naming your child is an important job. F*cking take it seriously. Don’t make it a reason for your child to be refused for a job later on in life. Resume discrimination exists, and it’s been proven time and time again.

I’m not interested in hearing shit about principles, heritage, not selling out, blah blah fucking blah. In my opinion, giving your child a ghettoised name is cruel, and unless they go to a school where every other child is black with similarly ridiculous names, you’re setting them up to be treated differently. Isn’t it hard enough just being black?

It may be unfair, and in an ideal world, people would judge you on the ‘content of your character’, rather than the number of q’s in your name, but until we reach that desired utopia, why make life harder than it needs to be for your kids?