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Random Ramblings And Fave Blogs…

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
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I’m having a day off from work today, so I’ve been trying to tidy up my blog links. Whilst doing that, I thought it might be an idea to list the blogs that I frequent the most. Here’s a list of my top seven:

Monica Jackson’s Blog – I love the fact that she’s not afraid of going ‘there’, and somehow manages to use the word coochie with great aplomb.

Girl Genius – how can I resist somebody even more irreverent than Monica?

HelenKay – She’s one of the few authors out there who I find interesting enough to visit daily.

Anne’s Comments – I Love her EC author polls, plus I get to be as bad as I want and say mean things about JW McKenna’s books.

Jaid Black – just cuz I think she’s great.

It’s Not Chick Porn – Bam’s reviews just have me rolling around until snot starts coming out of my nose.

Loose Lips McGee – I find her ramblings about her dysfunctional family fascinating.

There are obviously others that I like to visit, but the above are the ones that I check for new posts first.

The following are blogs that I’m seriously thinking of de-linking from:

Jayne Ann Krentz – She may write fantastic books, but her blog puts me to sleep.
Jennie Crusie – She doesn’t update enough.
Laurell K Hamilton – I find her blog kind of depressing.

So, where do you guys like hanging out the most? I wont be offended if you don’t include my blog on your list. Honest. *g*


  • Sam
    November 15
    2:02 pm

    Well, here!
    Twinkle – I have to call you Twinkle now with all the sparkles I see, lol!
    I have three or four blogs I check up on but I have to get to WORK.
    Procrastination is so FUN, lol!


  • Dawn
    November 15
    2:08 pm

    Obviously, I check out your blog, Karen. That’s about it really. Occasionally, I’ll check out some of the ones you have on your list, as we seem to have a similar sense of humour and taste.

    BTW how does that tracker thingy work? I was shocked (OK, that may be a little strong – surprised – that’s better) to see Milton Keynes on it.


  • Karen Scott
    November 15
    2:13 pm

    Hehe, I knew Milton Keynes was you! I have no idea how it works, but I LOVE it!! Thanks to Vanessa Jaye, cuz I stole it off her site!

    I’d like to know who these regular visitors are actually:

    New Zealand

    I have a few UK visitors too, but I guess they never post.

    I find it fascinating!


  • Rocio
    November 15
    2:30 pm

    Wow!!!it was refreshing to come to amuse myself with your blog, and found it all primp! I like the new design!…For me this is my first and only Blog, I’l just check the others when you request or recommend to do so! Does my loyalty win anything?


  • Fabdame/Jane
    November 15
    3:03 pm

    Whoa, the tracker gives me the creeps! Anyhoo – check out this blog: http://www.daisydexterdobbs.blogspot.com/ Always hysterical. You have my other favorite on your list all ready.


  • Karen Scott
    November 15
    3:42 pm

    Sam, you can call me anything ya like hon!!

    Ro, you likey? And no, loyalty counts for nada!

    Jane, I actually have Daisy’s blog on my Kinja list, so I surf in whenever she updates.


  • Daisy Dexter Dobbs
    November 15
    3:48 pm

    First of all, I LOVE the sassy, snazzy new look, Karen! It’s hip and cool and decidedly fits its owner. 😀

    As for blogs I read, yeesh–there are way too many! One of the first was Jordan Summers (http://www.jordansummers.com/js/). I admire her frankness and openness. I like Ann Wesley Hardin’s (http://annwesleyhardin.blogspot.com/) because I appreciate her humor. Samantha Winston (http://samanthawinston.blogspot.com/) and I must be soul sisters because we’re on the same wavelength. I enjoy Jennifer Crusie’s (http://jennycrusie.blogspot.com/) and wish she would update more often (but I can understand because maintaining a blog takes up so much time).

    There are MANY others I enjoy, but if I keep going I’ll fill your entire comment section. LOL For me, blog hopping has become an addiction almost as serious as my crazed need for chocolate–and that’s a very bad thing for a writer who’s doing her damnedest to claw her way out of deadlines and edits. :-0


  • Anne
    November 15
    4:28 pm

    Let’s see.. well first and foremost I frequent here… I check in daily if not more. I visit Lauren Dane’s blog, Ann Wesley-Hardin, Dakota Cassidy (reading about her and her new beau is pretty fun)She cracks me up. Who else…. ummm…. occasionally Jaid Black. Sam Winston, of course, and Charlie Horse. He’s got some interesting points of view.


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    November 15
    6:09 pm

    Well I used to come in here to read your posts, Karen. Now I come in for the map stats.*ggg* I don’t know what it is about them, but I’m hooked. I noticed that my stat shows up as plain old US. Maybe that’s because I’m wireless on a laptop.

    I also read Daisy, Shannon Stacey, RTB, Anne and a few others that aren’t updated nearly enough. I finally subscribed to Bloglines and that’s cut down alot on the time I used to waste checking blogs that weren’t updated yet.

    *waves to FabDame*


  • Karen Scott
    November 15
    6:28 pm

    Ann, I do think it’s because you’re on wireless.
    You can sign up for the mapstats on your blog by clicking the link. I think it’s fab!


  • Tammy
    November 15
    6:32 pm

    I mostly visit your blog, and sometimes when I have time, I look at the ones you have listed.


  • Lanie
    November 15
    8:27 pm

    Hey Karen

    I’m a regular lurker, from New Zealand! LOL. Love reading your blog. Never commented before, too chicken LOL.

    I read a few blogs regularly (yours, Smart Bitches, Monica Jackson, Pink is the New Blog, Go Fug Yourself LOL), others I just read via blog hopping.

    I agree that JAK’s blog is a snooze fest! Yawn.


  • HelenKay
    November 15
    8:38 pm

    Well, isn’t that cool! I read yours everyday, too (usually check in twice, to be honest).

    I’m guessing JAK puts you to sleep because she never posts! Love Bam’s reviews and Monica’s blog. Wish I could use the word coochie without having everyone laugh at me. Have to check out some of the others you listed.


  • Karen Scott
    November 15
    8:49 pm

    Hey Lanie, YAY!, I’ve solved the puzzle of my New Zealand friend! Don’t be afraid to post, I’m usually nice to my visitors!
    I just need to find out who my other international visitors are now! Calling Malta, Johannesburg and Singapore?

    HelenKay, even when she posts I find that my eyes glaze over as I read what she’s written.


  • Anne
    November 15
    11:47 pm

    P.S. I’m so excited I made your top seven!!!!! Woo hooo!!!


  • Monica
    November 16
    1:11 am

    KarenS I have you know that I wasting frickin’ HOURS trying to steal your background sparkles!


    I check your blog out daily too!


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