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Are You A Semen or a Seed Author/Reader?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
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I just finished reading Lora Leigh’s, The Cowboy and The Captive (damn I love that book!) and it got me thinking about the word ‘seed’. You know, as in:

“his seed erupted from the tip in hard, jetting pulses”

Lora, and many other erotic romance authors use the word ‘seed’ a lot. I guess that’s because once you’ve exhausted semen, there’s not a lot of choice.

Here are some of the ones that I’ve come across in recent times:

Hot cream – I’ve never understood the use of the word cream. I like cream, but as much as I love him, The Tall Guy’s semen doesn’t remind me of cream, if it did, I’d go down on him more often. You could say it bore more of a resemblance to custard. Cold white custard that happens to smell of bleach. Sorry, I digress….

Come /cum – Authors seem to try and refrain from using this one too often, but at least most people can relate to it. I think the spelling of it totally changes the overall feel of the book. ‘Come’ is generally quite nice and acceptable, whereas ‘cum’ just takes it down to a gutter level. I happen to like that gutter level a lot.

Jism/Gism – Yes there are erotic romance books out there that insist on using this yucky word. Talk about a passion killer.

Release – Totally inoffensive, which is probably why it’s so popular within Silhouette and other category romance books. Mills and Boon Tender Romance have a way of de-sexualising it though, mind you, have you read one lately? Gives a whole other meaning to the phrase ‘Drier than a nun’s c*nt’.

Seminal fluid – I don’t like this one much. It sounds about as sexy as antiseptic.

I wonder what other unusual substitutions for the word semen, there is out there?

Also, I wonder if any of the words particularly jar you, or perhaps make you feel uncomfortable?