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Goodbye Roy Keane. You’ve been an amazing servant to the club for the past twelve years.

United wont be the same without you. Good luck for the future. See you at your testimonial.


  • Morris
    November 18
    2:19 pm

    I was gutted when I heard. I wonder if he’s going to be offered the Republic of Ireland job?


  • Sam
    November 18
    4:03 pm

    Well, now that’s sad news!
    Manchester won’t be the same without him. Already against Lille they looked beheaded – I wonder who’s going to captain now????


  • Scott
    November 18
    7:20 pm

    It’s a shame, but his battered body probably wouldn’t hold up much more. Tis a shame, because he was one tough dude.


  • Karen Scott
    November 18
    9:15 pm

    Morris, I can’t imagine that he will actually, it’s just too soon after the whole Japan incident with Mick McCarthy at the 2002 World Cup. Rumours are that he’s likely to go to Celtic.

    Sam, Think Van Nistelrooy is probably going to take the captain’s arm band now. I thought he’d see out the season if I’m honest.

    Scott, Keano was my fave hardman, I knew he’d have to go eventually, but I wasn’t ready for the announcement so soon. Sigh.


  • Anonymous
    November 20
    12:30 am

    Shame? what’s a shame about a player’s dismisal – that has not performed for the good of the team in over 2 years?

    The fact is each time one of the (dream team) of players gets fired or leaves man utd, the fans throw out their dumby & cry! get over it.

    Keane was a good player! please accept the word WAS! Face facts man utd have had their day (perhaps it will return) but not any time soon! ask yourself the question Why did the previous owners sell up? they sold because they knew the cash cow had run dry! I actually pitty man utd fans… they seem to be sad sore pathetic loosers who will blame everyone & anything in order to cling to memories of the past! The king is dead – long live the king? who’s the king in this case?

    Also the fact that Man utd “greatest son” George Best is on his last legs just goes to show that the dynasty is well & truly OVER!
    (I hope as everyone does that George recovers)

    But thank God Man utd are in decline… we can then perhaps return to the good old days of parity in the game of soccer.. instead of the shameful way that both the Man utd players & their rediculous coach tamtrum each time the games isnt going their way!

    Maybe now the refs will adopt a policy of awarding only genuine penalties to visiting teams… instead of being scared of the wrath of Fergi!

    I can only dream of the day when Malcolm Glazer (Mally) re-names the Man utd team – the Manchester Bombers… due to the monumental way in which they’ve BOMBED over the past 2 seasons…….

    Keano.. next time you want to run your mouth… just remember.. half the guys you insulted are actually good internationals!!! the same cant be said of YOU


  • Karen Scott
    November 20
    6:47 pm

    Hey anonymous, you wouldn’t happen to be an Arsenal supporter would you?

    If so, come back when you learn to write and spell properly.


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