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Women ‘Get Blamed for Being Raped’…

Monday, November 21, 2005
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According to this article, most people believe that women who are raped have only themselves to blame.

“A third of people in the UK believe a woman is partially or completely to blame for being raped if she has behaved in a flirtatious manner, according to “shocking” research.”


The article goes on to say:

“More than a quarter also believe a woman is at least partly responsible for being raped if she wears sexy or revealing clothing, or is drunk, the ICM study found.

One in five thinks a woman is partly to blame if it is known she has many sexual partners, while more than a third believe she is responsible to some degree if she has clearly failed to say “no” to the man.”

I found this article horrifically fascinating, but do you know what… I understand those responses. (strategically hides from the PC Brigade)

One of the contestants from this years Big Brother show was allegedly raped in a hotel room by a bunch of guys.

Now normally I would be horrified to hear a story like this, but the thing is, because myself and the rest of the country had watched this particular housemate’s sexual antics in the house, I found it incredibly hard to dredge up the normal amount of sympathy. I know… not an ideal response from a borderline feminist.

I couldn’t understand why she’d gone up to a hotel room with guys that she didn’t know. Doesn’t she watch the TV? Every day there are rape cases across the country, but she seemed to think it was perfectly safe to take these men up to her room. Call me hard-faced, but if that’s not the ultimate in stupidity, I don’t know what is.

In an ideal world, a woman should be able to take any man she wants up to her room, but the problem is, we don’t fucking live in an ideal world. As far as I’m concerned, women need to get smarter about these things.

Judgemental much? Yes, I’m afraid I am. Can you honestly say that you’re not?


  • Dawn
    November 21
    1:45 pm

    I was shocked by this report, too, Karen. It is unbelievable to me that in the 21st century, people have such an outdated view of women. Of course, if a woman knowingly puts herself in a situation which can lead to an assault then she would be partially responsible for that happening. I don’t know which BB contestant you’re talking about, but, come on – you’d have to be completely stupid to go to a room with SEVERAL men – not just one.


  • Anonymous
    November 21
    3:21 pm

    I cannot belive that you are implying that just because a woman agrees to go somewhere private with a man means that if she gets raped she was asking for it. Its thinking like this that keeps us females downtrodden. Shame on you.


  • Eve Vaughn
    November 21
    3:38 pm

    Well, looks like I’ll be wearing Rapex when I visit England.


  • Rosie
    November 21
    5:29 pm

    Anonymous…I don’t think Karen or any other woman thinks it is okay for a guy to go ahead and take advantage of a woman because she agrees to go some place private with them.

    What I believe she is commenting on is that there are enough preditors in mall parking lots and men you think you know that take advantage of women and beat and/or rape them.

    What is puzzling to me and others is why a woman would put herself in such an obviously vulnerable situation with men she doesn’t know?

    Not recognizing the world you live in and its prejudices is just dumb. There are still alot of men and sanctimonious women who think “they got what they deserved”.

    Sad but true…women have to be smart about the situations they put themselves in. All you have to do is look at famous rape trials. The first thing they do is try to find fault with the woman’s behavior.

    I practically wrote my own blog on this! Yikes! Sorry Karen!


  • Lori
    November 22
    1:19 am

    Holy cow! That is a truly sad statment on the world we live in.


  • Dawn
    November 22
    10:02 am

    Anonymous – I don’t think that any woman asks to be raped. But I do think that if you allow yourself to be in a vulnerable situation – for example, going to a hotel room with several guys that you do not know – then you would need to accept some responsibility for what happens.

    In an ideal world we could all trust men to be honourable and to do the right thing, but this ain’t the ideal world. Some men will take advantage of women, strangers or not.


  • Karen Scott
    November 22
    10:41 am

    Dawn, it was Lesley from BB.

    Anonymous, I wasn’t implying that at all. My point is, in this day and age where so many bad things happen to good people, as a female, why would you want to put yourself in such a dangerous position? I totally disagree with those who think that just because you dress a certain way, it means that youy deserve to be raped. That’s a jurassic way of thinking.

    Eve, get me one too!

    Hi Rosie, don’t worry about taking up too much room! You have some hugel;y valid points, and Anonymous seems to have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

    Lori, it is sad, but that’s the world we live in.

    Thanks Dawn. Men have been attacking women since the beginning of time, but in this day and age, why put yourself in a position where it’s likely to happen?


  • Scott
    November 22
    12:23 pm

    I honestly believe that when it comes to some situations, that women DO in fact put themselves in the position to be raped. But honestly, is it there fault? NO! Even when they are acting like a whore, though they don’t want to actually perform the act. They may need to be slapped and told to stop acting like a whore, but they don’t deserve to be raped. If guys could just keep in their damn pants and realize that just because a woman makes a pass at them it doesn’t give them the right to “get off.”

    Sometimes I so freakin’ embarrassed to be a guy. We really can be perverted freakin’ idiots.


  • Sam
    November 22
    12:40 pm

    I don’t think stupidity deserves a rape. Sure some women are not bright when it comes to sending signals. Some women get themselves into situations because of bad judgement. But men HAVE to learn to control themselves and take 100% of the responsibility for rape. And women have to start sticking up for each other, and Demanding responsible actions from men. There is No excuse for rape at all.


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