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“By the pricking of my thumbs,something wicked this way comes.” Macbeth, Willy Shakespeare

You know dear people, I was very happy to hear that 61 year-old, ex-rock star, Gary Glitter could face a firing squad in Vietnam, if found guilty of having sex with a twelve year old child, and a couple of other under-age girls.

Gary The Dirty Fucking Perv, had originally fleed from Britain after serving four months in prison, for downloading over 4000 child pornography images on his hard drive.

Firing Squad eh? It fair warmed the cockles of my heart hearing this latest news last night. I haven’t slept so well in ages.

I also had a pleasant dream, in which dear Gary was strung up, wearing his birthday suit, watching his chestnuts and balls being roasted over a nice open fire.

Oh such heavenly dreams were these… Happy sigh.


  • Dawn
    November 22
    10:11 am

    He would totally deserve it! Didn’t he go live in Thailand or where the hell ever he went, so that he would continue with his perversions?


  • Karen Scott
    November 22
    11:19 am

    Dawn, I think he went to Cambodia to avoid the British press, but then got kicked out for allegedly trawling for under-age sex. He wasn’t charged though I don’t think.

    He was trying to escape to Thailand when he got caught by the Vietnamese authorities. God I hope he faces a firing squad. He’s just a big drain on society, and somebody should put him out of my misery.


  • Sam
    November 22
    12:36 pm

    I don’t have enough venom in my words to describe how I wish pedophiles would suffer.
    And when you look into their twisted little minds it’s downright scary. They have no morals at all. No redemption.
    (As a mother this subject gets me just about crazy)
    There is a really sick association in the US called ‘men who love boys’, I believe, and it’s full of grown men who claim they love boys and that it’s good for them. (gag gag) Makes me think of that horrible serial rapist Michael Jackson.


  • Eve Vaughn
    November 22
    2:26 pm

    I think they should castrate him and then put him in front of a firing squad. Child molestor have a ridulously high chance of being repeat offenders, I think it’s 90 something percent. I think pedophiles should get penalalties as tough as murderers.

    This brings another thing to mind though, should they still play Rock and Roll High at sports arenas? That’s a huge sports anthem here.


  • Lisa
    November 22
    2:37 pm

    I think all pedophiles should face a firing squad too. You can’t cure this, so it’s better to kill them.


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    November 22
    3:02 pm

    I abhor killing anything and wish there was some way to lock them up forever and make them work for their keep. Chain gangs come to mind. Why has that been outlawed? Prisons used to have farms and stuff. These people should literally be repaying their debt to society, yet somehow it’s against human rights to force them to work. Makes me crazy.

    Anyway, barring an economical way to make them suffer for the rest of their lives, I guess execution works. At least then we don’t have to suffer at their sick hands anymore.


  • Tara Marie
    November 22
    4:08 pm

    I don’t normally believe in the death penalty, with few exceptions this is one.

    Pedophiles–Kill them all, slowly, firing squad is too good for them, they need to suffer.


  • Anne
    November 22
    5:15 pm

    I think putting him in a maximum security prison would be good for him.. then he could get gang-raped and butt-f*cked by Bubba and his pals until he suffers like those poor innocent children did. Sick fuck. *shudder*


  • HelenKay
    November 22
    9:54 pm

    Good grief. Sounds as if this guy has hurt enough children. It’s time for him to pay the price.


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