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How do you guys feel about epilogues in books? Me personally, I love ‘em, especially the ones that are done well. I like being left with the warm cosy feeling, that only a truly happy ending can give you.

Linda Howard writes some cracking epilogues. She’s the queen of the world anyway when it comes to writing, but I just love the way she lets you peek into the future of her heroes and heroines.

I have noticed though, that when she writes for MIRA, and those other formulaic-prone publishers, her endings aren’t as tight, and sometimes they actually feel rushed.

I’m always left with the feeling that the author has over-run on her word count, and has to come up with something snappy to finish off with, which, more often than not, leaves me, the reader, feeling cheated.

So, do you guys like ‘em, or loathe ‘em?

BTW, does Linda Howard have a website or what? If she does, I haven’t been able to find it yet, Godammit!


  • Dakota Cassidy
    November 23
    6:49 pm

    I’m a HUGE epilogue fan. It’s a GREAT way to wrap things up–especially if it’s a short story 🙂

    LOVE the new blog. How’d you get so good at this stuff? I can just barely put up a URL. OY.

    Dakota 🙂


  • byrdloves2read
    November 23
    8:02 pm

    I love epilogues. As you say, a quick glimpse into the future without the trip there. A bit more than “they lived happily ever after”.


  • ReneeW
    November 23
    8:48 pm

    I love a good epilogue as long as they don’t get too cutesy or sappy with a boatload of children. I have read a couple books recently that had abrupt endings with NO epilogue and it really freaked me out.


  • Desiree Erotique
    November 23
    9:34 pm

    I generally enjoy epilogues, Karen. Especially if it’s been a nice long story. Like Renee, I prefer them not cutesy or sappy. And I thoroughly dislike corny endings- which the boatload of kids thing, among other situations, is sure to provide LOL


  • Anne
    November 23
    9:44 pm

    I absolutely LOVE epilogues. Gives you a little look into the HEA. I thoroughly enjoy that. : )


  • Rinda Elliott
    November 23
    10:12 pm

    I love epilogues. No, Linda Howard doesn’t have a website.

    She is probably one of the most interesting and warm women I’ve ever met.

    Our RWA chapter got to have her for a writer’s retreat weekend in September and I learned so much from her. I’ve loved her books forever and it was nice to meet her and discover that she’s just as wonderful.

    Love your blog, too!


  • Jaye
    November 23
    11:57 pm

    meh. Don’t care one way or the other. Although the ones that show the H/h a couple of months/years later with twin boys, and nauseatingly happy I’d probably say are a waste. As the reader I can probably ‘imagine’ something similar, so it really doesn’t have to be written out. But again, ::shrug:: no biggie.


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    November 24
    1:15 am

    Both my books ended up with epilogues. Layover went to the editor with one, but Coffee, Tea or Lea? didn’t originally have one. My editor requested it.

    I’m probably more pleased with that one. LOL. I really had to think about the characters and where they’d be down the road. I also wanted it to add an unexpected twist. It’s been very well received in reviews.

    As a reader I can take or leave epilogues. I’ve read so many that seem to be there for no reason at all, and they don’t add anything to the story. If I’m taking the time to read one, I want it to enrich the ending in some way, not just slap on a wedding or some other useless event. I want it to show growth.

    BTW, I read Kiss Me While I Sleep and LOVED it. It’s my first Linda Howard and it won’t be my last. She managed to surprise me with her plot twists and when a writer can do that, I’m hers forever. Thanks for recommending it, K!


  • HelenKay
    November 24
    3:49 am

    Linda Howard doesn’t have a website. There’s some rumor out there about her being stalked by a rabid (ie, sicko) fan that led to her keeping pretty private.


  • Dawn
    November 24
    11:19 am

    I LOVE epilogues. I love to see where a few years down the line have taken the characters. And I don’t actually mind if it’s the one with the kids and the dog as well.

    BTW Karen. Finished Passion this morning. I loved it!!!! It was definitely unputdownable. It was a… thrilling – yes that’s it – it was thrilling! Really hot – it had me squirming in many places. I can’t wait to read her next book.


  • Karen Scott
    November 24
    11:34 am

    Kota, I got these people to re-design my blog for me: http://www.designablog.blogspot.com The girl who did mine was GemmaK, she did a fabulous job!

    Linda, me love ’em too!

    Hi Rinda, welcome to my blog!!

    Anne, I hate it when there are no eppy’s!

    Renee/Des/Jaye, I love the sappy eppy’s! I live the ten kids three cats, two dogs, and the house on the hill, heathens you are!

    Oh AnnW, I’m so glad you loved KMWIS, I thought it was pretty spesh too, and it’s not even the best of the bunch! Read Cry No More, you will be blown away! Make sure you have the tissues handy though!

    HelenKay, she had a stalker? Wow… That’s taking rabid fan-girlism to the extremes. I wondered why I couldn’t find her website!

    Dawn, that was quick! You weren’t alone in your squirming! It was just a brilliant read. I can’t wait for Prudence either. I really hope it lives up to Passion.


  • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
    November 27
    3:31 am

    Met Linda Howard at a board meeting of RWA in New York. She is lovely and gracious. Simon & Schuster used to have a website for her, like they did for Julie Garwood and some of their other writers.


  • Karen Scott
    November 28
    8:49 am

    Hi Elizabeth, I’ve never been able to find a website for her, and I thought that was quite unusual, but now that I know that she was being stalked, I’m not surprised.


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