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Manchester United Legend 1963-1974

May you finally find the peace that eluded you for so long…

Just heard that Karate Kid actor, Pat Morita, (Mr Miyagi) has died. He was 73 years old. I still remember him being in Happy Days. May he rest in peace.


  • Dawn
    November 25
    3:42 pm

    It is a waste of a life for someone who was so talented. Harsh as it sounds, he did bring it on himself. My heart goes out to his family though.


  • Sam
    November 25
    3:48 pm

    I just heard the news on the radio.
    RIP George
    Alcohol got the best of him –
    I’m sorry for his family too.
    What a waste.
    (This would be a really good time to have a rant about alcohol – )what is your opinion of the new 24 hour pub laws Karen???? My sister, who is a councellor for alcoholics compares alcohol ro heroin as far as being destructive and addictive.


  • Karen Scott
    November 25
    3:55 pm

    Dawn, I totally agree with you, and it’s been pretty confusing to watch what he’s been doing to himself.

    Sam, don’t get me started on the ridiculous drinking laws. I can’t believe that the govt think that pubs staying open longer, will stop people from binge drinking. My concern is for the alcoholics who at least have to leave the pub once it shut at 11pm, now they probably wont budge and just piss their money up against the wall. Sheesh.


  • Anonymous
    November 25
    10:13 pm

    “May you finally find the peace that eluded you for so long…”

    It’s VERY sad as all deaths are but Karen! at the risk of being shot down by all UTD fans and lambasted by recovering alcoholics… I must say your opening statement is one of many contradictions I’ve heard today in relation to George Best!

    The fact is George did find peace.. he found peace, enjoyment & comfort in the bottle & in the many girls he spent time with! That’s what George was.

    I as (HOPEFULLY) 100% of all soccer fans send out my sincere condolence to the family & friends of George Best.

    I am however very concerned over the vast amount of observers that have already said “he was the best ever soccer player” Has no one ever heard of Pele?

    In my opinion the way to grade these absolute super stars of world soccer is to rate them by their statistics!

    George Best – 280+ goals
    Pele – 1280+ goals
    George Best – 0 world cups
    Pele – 4 world cups

    Please allow George Best to RIP but don’t allow sentimental value to cloud the facts on sporting history….. I fear many sports writers & pundits alike will have a great deal of EGG on their faces when the death of Pele allows us to cross examine his life.

    What on earth will they say then?
    And how can you publish a headline to compete with what’s been said about George Best?

    And lets not forget! Pele hasn’t fallen foul of the bottle.

    Think back to when we lost Walter Payton? the GREAT Bears running back! he was the greatest rusher of all time etc…… but soon his historical value is forgotten when Emmit Smith retired or when Barry Sanders entered the hall of fame?

    It is my view that the reason we now regard George Best as the worlds greatest ever soccer player is because it makes our conscience that much easier to live with… after-all… we cant possibly remember him as an alcoholic.


  • Desiree Erotique
    November 26
    5:05 am

    I’m sorry, I have no idea who George Best is. But my condolences to his family.
    I liked Pat Morita, and am sorry to hear of his passing.


  • Marianne McA
    November 26
    9:02 pm

    Nil nisi bonum probably applies. Someone said on breakfast news this morning (and I hope it’s true) that he never blamed his problems on anyone but himself – and he’s paid the price for it. I’m sorry for his family: I’m sure they draw consolation from the real sense of loss that has been expressed by so many people.

    Anonymous, I think you’re being harsh. One player, no matter how inspired, doesn’t win the world cup. N. Ireland is a tiny country. Three people & a dog live here. I truly don’t believe Pele could have won us even a single World Cup.

    I did seem George Best play once, at a testimonial for his son – but he was older, and there wasn’t really the magic. Still, nice to have seen it.


  • Dawn
    November 28
    9:55 am

    Karen and Sam: The new laws are just another example of the idiocy of our government. It’s just so naive of them to think that having more time to drink will mean that people will drink less (c’mon can Blair be that stupid?!).

    It’s a disaster waiting to happen. The Brits are not sophisticated drinkers like the Continentals. Generally speaking we drink to get drunk!


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