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Racist Murderers Get Life In Prison…

Thursday, December 1, 2005
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They killed him because he was black

OK, seeing as it’s Blog Against Racism day, I thought this would be particularly poignant.

Exactly three months ago today, I blogged about Anthony Walker, a Liverpool college student, who was axed to death in an unprovoked, racially motivated attack.

His killers, Paul Taylor and Michael Barton were handed down life sentences today for his brutal murder.

Anthony’s family are devout christians, and in a statement to the press, his mother said that she forgave her son’s killers.

She’s a better woman than me, because I couldn’t.


  • Lori
    December 2
    12:37 am

    I wouldn’t either. You know, it’s cases like this where I believe in the death penalty. You guys need a death penalty for people like this. (normally, I am not a big death penalty supporter…)


  • Dawn
    December 2
    9:57 am

    His mum is a much better person than me, also, Karen.

    Although they’ve been given “life sentences”, unfortunately, the chances are the won’t serve the whole time. These guys are young, in 20 years time, they’ll get out and still have their lives ahead of them.

    Anthony does not! I wish that when the courts said life, they would say 100 years. OK, it sounds ridiculus, but it would actually mean the convicts spending their entire lives in prison.

    My thoughts are with Anthony’s family still.


  • Karen Scott
    December 2
    11:11 am

    Lori, I’m always torn by the issue of the Death Penalty, until it comes to a case like this, then I’m all about hanging the bastards. Child killers and pedophilia are also crimes that I think should be punishable by death.

    Dawn, I totally agree with you, if I’m honest, with our messed up judicial system, I didn’t even expect them to get so much. At least the axe wielder got 24 years min. It’s not enough, but it could have been more lenient.

    I hope they both get put in prison with black criminals who’ll take it out on their behinds everyday of their prison sentence. I totally hope they get bitch-fucked.


  • Eve Vaughn
    December 2
    2:08 pm

    Call me a cynic, but I don’t think they’re sorry at all, as a matter of fact they’ll probably come out of prison worse than ever. I’m not sure what the prison system is like in England but in many of the American prisons the presence of the Aryan Brotherhood and other neo nazi gangs are strong. If England’s prisons are anything like it, it’s quite possible they could come out even worse, but let’s just hope they get big gay cell mates.


  • Sam
    December 2
    3:45 pm

    I think they should get big, gay, Black cell mates – but that’s just wishful thinking….


  • Shawn
    December 2
    4:58 pm

    I would like to think I would be like Anthony Walker’s mother and forgive them. I feel sorry for everyone involved. I never experienced the kind of hatred that would lead me to take someone’s life and I hope I never will.


  • Lauren Dane
    December 2
    9:24 pm

    I don’t know that I could ever forgive someone who took one of my children from me, especially for such a horrible reason. But I respect people who can do that, who can be the better person and forgive. I don’t think I’m that evolved.


  • Desiree Erotique
    December 3
    4:02 pm

    I suppose I should wish to have the capacity to be so forgiving. But I’m glad to hear there is some justice for such a horrible crime.


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