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Joseph Edward Duncan III, Child Molester and Murderer

Every time I hear about cases like this, I pray for the death penalty to be brought back to this country.

Logically speaking, there are many reasons why I should be against the death penalty, but every time I think about some sick pervert, abducting, raping then killing children, I go cold inside.

Child killers and pedophiles are the vilest creatures on earth, and as far as I’m concerned, we gain nothing by keeping them alive.

What use are they to the world? Sure we can learn about how they think, and what motivates them, but after we have gained whatever information we need from them, I say string the fuckers up.

I’ve heard the “what if we get it wrong?” argument, but let’s face it, there was more than enough evidence to suggest that this sick fuck really didn’t deserve to live. I felt sick when I learned that the police could have apprehended him on several occasions, but somehow failed to do so.

Thank God, one of his fellow prisoners did us all a favour, and put him out of our misery. That’s what I call poetic justice.

I always thought that it was hugely unfair that Jeffrey Dahmer had killed at least 17 people, yet the state were prepared to pay to keep him alive, for the rest of his life. That was seriously fucked up.

If it was up to me, I’d bring back the death penalty, not as a deterrent, but as a way of making sure that justice is served. In my mind, keeping alive a serial killer, or a child killer, whilst his/her victim(s) lie cold in their grave, is just wrong, and I’m afraid nobody will be able to convince me otherwise.

What say you? (And yes, you’re allowed to disagree with me *g*)


  • Anne
    December 5
    9:16 pm


    If we’re lucky, this sick bastard will suffer the same fate as Jeffrey Dahmer did and get killed in prison… and I can guarantee you, he’ll be paid back for hurting those innocent children by the inmates…. one thing the inmates prey on is a rapist or pedophile… bwahahahahahaaha! May he be locked in a cell with a big man named Bubba with a really big penis and foul breath. *G*


  • Lori
    December 6
    4:29 am

    I totally agree with you Karen. Dennis Miller said it best in one of his rants. It’s survival of the fittest, and sometimes you have to thin the herd. I am sometimes torn over the application of the death penalty, but in some cases, like this, it is totally warranted.


  • Rosie
    December 6
    5:42 am

    This man is just beyond human imagining! I read the back story info from your links. Gruesome! How did he slip through the system for so long?!! Horrible.

    Loved the post on your TBR. I’ve never read Loretta Chase. I’m a long time Linda Howard fan. I list her as one of my fav authors of all time. I bought the Jeanie London book but haven’t tackled it yet. I’m looking forward to your review! ; )


  • Desiree Erotique
    December 6
    6:02 am

    Karen, sickos like this deserve to die, and society needs them eliminated. But every time I read something like this I ask myself “WHY?” Meaning, why the hell would any person do this kind of thing? I suppose there’s no answer to be found any time soon, but it makes me so unhappy and enraged. The impotent type of rage.
    Going to go kiss my little ones now and ask the gods to keep them safe.


  • Dramedy Girl
    December 6
    1:43 pm

    I have to say I’m a proponate for the Death Penalty — maybe not across the board, but in most cases. I agree with you, it makes me sick to think that killers, pedophiles and rapists are kept around. I too want to know what purpose they serve in society. The death penalty in America doesn’t seem to be much of a deterant because by the time you have gone through all the appeals and crap, you’ve been kept around an extra 20 years, but that rant is for another day.

    Hopefully, like Anne said, the inmates will take care of him.


  • Rocio
    December 6
    3:04 pm

    I used to think that death penalty was the apropriate punishment for those criminals, but after having my kids death doesn’t seem bad enough for them they should be torture first!!!
    But seriously, I think death penalty, when the system works properly is better than this criminal incubator we call cells! What is the purpose of putting a person in a cell for 40 years???


  • Indida
    December 6
    5:56 pm

    I am with you on that Karen.

    I have been saying that for a long time. It has been proven time and time again that these bastards can’t be helped. They could chop off their dicks and dope them up on anti-psychotics and they would still find a way to ruin a child’s life.

    The only thing left is to cancel their air subscription.


  • Shawn
    December 6
    8:17 pm

    Normally I am totally against the death penalty…normally. But unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be very much success in attempts to rehabilitate pedophiles, so what other choice do we have?
    We can continue to allow pedophiles to prey upon our children and hope that the victims themselves don’t become predators or we can cut the disease off at the source.


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