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You know, as much as I like a little realism in romance books, after reading Haunting Love Alley, by S.L Carpenter and Sahara Kelly , I totally changed my mind.

No, I don’t want heroes who fart, burp, and scratch themselves in their nether regions. I don’t like it in real life, I’m certainly not going to appreciate it in my romance.
Love Alley is a house in Louisiana. Cory Lavalle is a psychic who sees dead people in the house. Louis Beekman is the city slicker love interest who inherits the house, and its see-through residents.

Basically, they shag like rabbits, and try to right past wrongs, and ultimately they reunite two ghostly lovers, who were hanging around in limbo.

The premise was interesting enough, if a little on the overdone side, but unfortunately, there was just too much ‘guy’ humour in the story, and that didn’t impress me much.

Throw in nymphomaniac twins, a bimbette with a penchant for teeny-tiny bikinis, and a Mamie-type character named Zulee, how on earth could you go wrong? Erm…Easily?

I think Haunting Love Alley was meant to be a comedic romance, but if I’m honest, I spent most of the time with my mouth open in awe.

Oh yeah, and the fact that the hero was dreaming of other women whilst he was with the heroine, didn’t endear me to him either.

Nope, I’ve gone right off realism in romance!

As the book was co-written by a man, I’m willing to bet that the farts and the scratching inspiration came from him.