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Are you f*cking kidding me? These effing celebs seem to have forgotten that the reason Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams had been on Deathrow in the first place, was because he went out and killed four innocent people.

If those people had been members of their own family, I’d love to know if these celebrities would be mourning so hard for him. As for Jesse Jackson, well that man just needs to be put out of my misery. F*cking idiot.

I don’t give a shit about Tookie’s nomination for a Nobel peace prize. He could have turned into Pope John Paul the f*cking 2nd, and I’d have still wanted his execution to go ahead. I bet those four people he killed, would have liked a second chance at life too. They didn’t get it, so why should he have?

The Terminator did the right thing. The man had to die. Sorry.