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Hi Guys, yes I know it’s not quite January, but hey, The Tall Guy is currently driving me out of my mind with all the hammering going on in the attic, One Tree Hill no longer comes on TV on Thursdays (yes I love, OTH, and so what?), so I’m left with re-runs of Will and Grace, thus I’m suitably bored, so I thought I’d return to my blog.

Over the holiday period, my Ball and Chain, and I, noticed the ridiculous amount of parents who seemed quite happy to let their little kids wander away from them whilst shopping.

As we were busy doing the last of our Christmas food shopping last Friday, there were at least twelve public announcements over the PA system, from parents who had lost their kids amongs the throng of shoppers.

Now I know that it’s difficult to always know where your little ankle biters are, especially during weekend shopping sprees, but for the love of all things Oprah, couldn’t you try a little harder to keep an eye on them?

It would takes mere minutes for a wily predator to grab your kid and run. That’s the reality of the world we live in today. You can no longer give the excuse that they are too hard to control when outside the house. This is about keeping your kids safe, so you do whatever you have to.

The one incident that nearly drove me to gnaw on my own arm, was witnessing a child in a pram, left outside a newsagent, whilst the mother went to buy something in the shop. What kind of frickin lunatic does a thing like that? Leave the pram outside by all means (even at the risk of it being thieved) but for Lucifer’s sake, take the godammned child in with you!

Kids are hard to keep track of, but that’s just how they are, so you just have to deal with it. Their well-being should be of the highest priority, at ALL times.

As a parent (which I’m not, but I sure want to be) wouldn’t you hate for your child to become a statistic, just because you took your eyes off them whilst you were deciding whether to have melon balls or soup as a starter during dinner?

I would. I suspect the parents who let their mind wander away from their children whilst out, would too.

A moment’s inattention. That’s all it takes. Just ask Jamie’s mother.