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So, I read Monica Jackson’s, Mr Right Now. Here’s the blurb:

Luby (I hated that name cuz I kept wanting to call her Luby-Lou, which is ridiculous for a grown woman really, yech!) Jones accidentally bumps into her new neighbour, Jake, in her hallway, and she immediately finds herself thinking of ways of getting into his pants.

She can’t understand why she finds Jake so attractive, so in an effort to deny her feelings, she tries to set him up with Danni, her best friend who has the unfortunate habit of falling for dead beat guys, with no jobs and no prospects.

Luby invites Jake round to meet her scary best friends: Danni, the nympho single-mum who has chronically bad taste in men. Cat, the take-no-prisoners broad married to the man of her nightmares, and not forgetting Winston, who’s gayer than Madame Minelli’s David Gest. (If I was meeting these guys, I think I’d probably have some Ritalin on hand.)

Jake is instantly attracted to Luby, which is an unusual occurrence for him, because, unbeknownst to Luby and her madcap friends, Jake Koseva has this unfortunate affliction, which makes all the people he meets, want to instantly have sex with him, and Luby and her friends (including Gay Winston) are no exception.

Jake is so used to not feeling anything for the hoard of females who are constantly trying get hold of his penis, that his attraction for Luby blindsides him, and all he can think about is getting his piece of meat between her very willing thighs. Jake realises that Luby may be his destiny, and so he takes the necessary steps to ensure that he’s not just another notch on her (non-existent) bedpost.

Mr Right Now, is basically a story about three women looking for that one person who sees who they are, and loves them anyway, and one man, who has almost given up on finding his one true love. Throw in a demon-inhabited mother who sees dead people, a wacky granny, and a bipolar ex-girlfriend, you surely have a recipe for a hell of a ride.

My Verdict:

Shit, this book was funny. I started laughing at page one, and didn’t let up till I finished reading the book. You know that’s always a good thing when it comes to any genre of book, and even more so when it’s a romance.

Unfortunately for me, the romance element of this book took a backseat in terms of enjoyment. What I loved most about Mr Right Now, was the interaction between Luby and her friends. I’m a lover of films and books that showcase strong female friendships, (even though I thought Cat took the whole friendship thing a little too far) and Mr Right Now, seemed to embody that.

It’s been said that the cover doesn’t match the story, but I think I disagree. I think it matched the story perfectly actually.
Although in essence, it was a paranormal romance, to me, it had a definite chick-lit (or clit lit, if that works better) feel to it, which for me personally, wasn’t a bad thing. You may disagree.

My only complaint about Mr Right Now, was Jake’s character. I usually love Alpha male leads, and I found that Jake didn’t inspire me, as far as romance heroes go. I thought he was a bit of a pansy if I’m honest, and so for me, he was the one character that I didn’t particularly care so much for. Some of you will find him sweet, but I just felt like patting over the head, and sending him to bed with a cup of hot cocoa, and a compilation CD featuring Cher’s greatest hits.

Nope, not my kind of hero unfortunately, but this fact didn’t necessarily effect my enjoyment of Mr Right Now.

Overall, it was a fun book that didn’t make me want to gnaw off my own arm in frustration, and for that alone, I was very grateful.


  • Dramedy Girl
    December 31
    12:02 am

    I have this one in my TBR pile. I’m happy to hear the humor was spot on. I really enjoy MJ’s books because of the humor!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!


  • Sam
    December 31
    1:12 pm

    This book sounds right up my alley – I hate alpha males – they make me want to gnaw their arms off. And I love humor in a book. Romance can take a backseat if the story and characters are strong. In fact, I like a book that is well-rounded – so you’ve sold me on this one! Thanks!!


  • Eve Vaughn
    December 31
    5:28 pm

    I really enjoyed this books. I guess I’m one of those guys who thought Jake was sweet. LOL, I’ll take him!!


  • Jenn
    December 31
    8:21 pm

    This is my TBR.

    I too like alpha males.

    But it stills sounds like a good book


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