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It’s our 6th wedding anniversary today. The time sure has gone quickly.

We just came back from a meal with his parents and his sister. It was Fucking. Hard. Work. His parents are lovely don’t get me wrong, but this is the sister who has no recognisable life of her own, still lives with her parents at the grand old age of 39 (has never lived away from home, even for a day) and has had the same hairstyle since she was at school. I can forgive the whole living with the parents thing, but come on, there’s just no excuse for bad hair for 38 years.

We met them at the restaurant, and because we were a little bit late, (my fault cuz I’d only just gotten back from Birmingham) she was in a mood, and she totally embarassed everybody by slamming TTG’s restaurant choice, and complaining about the food and service, (neither were bad actually). It was obvious that nobody was going to take her to task over her rude manners, so when TTG apologised, I near enough popped a vein. I was about to schitz out, but TTG’s mother nudged her and and told her to be quiet just in time.

I tell ya, if she’d been my sister, I’d have given her a good slap until she lost the attitude. Who needs that kinda shit on your special day? Sheesh.


  • Sarah McCarty
    August 3
    8:04 pm

    Happy Anniversary Karen!

    And pshaw! Who cares about the SIL? You’ve got the Tall Guy!! *G*

    Have a wonderful evening!


  • Barbara B.
    August 3
    8:21 pm

    Still living at home at 39 and probably living dick-free as well. On the plus side just think of the money she’s saved in rent! Karen you probably “stole” the only man that ever gave her any attention. Sorry your special day was ruined but I kinda feel sorry for your loser-in-law.
    Why don’t you buy her a nice toy for her next birthday. I recommend the Magic Wand by Hitachi or any version of The Rabbit. The next time you see her she’ll beatific! I guaran-damn-tee it.


  • Scott
    August 3
    8:27 pm

    Congratulations Karen! Marcia and I are a year and a couple of weeks behind you. 😉


  • Indida
    August 3
    9:14 pm

    Congratulations Karen!

    That chick reminds me of my sister. Well, minus the bad hair but that won’t last for long.


  • byrdloves2read
    August 3
    10:04 pm

    Happy Anniversary Karen! As I was reading your story about the SIL it sounded like she was jealous. Her problem. Unfortunately you have to live with her (thankfully not full time like her parents). Can’t choose family. 🙁 Barbara B. has an interesting idea though. *snort*

    Anyway, you’ve got a great husband and wonderful marriage. Hope you have many, many more years of joy with TTG.


  • HelenKay
    August 3
    10:34 pm

    Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats.


  • Jaye
    August 3
    10:50 pm

    Happy Anniversary, Karen!!


  • AngelaDionne
    August 3
    10:57 pm

    Happy Anniversary! I have a sister like that… I wanted to bitch slap her at almost every family event. She didn’t change her attitude until she got married and had someone at home to give her all the attention she desperately craves. Hang in there, maybe some guy will sweep the loser-in-law off her feet and give the rest of you a break.


  • Michelle B
    August 3
    11:02 pm

    Happy Anniversary, Karen!


  • Anne
    August 3
    11:22 pm

    Happy Anniversary to you and TTG : )



  • Mad
    August 4
    12:03 am

    Happy Anniversary Karen! We share the same wedding anniversary. Hubby and I got married on this day, 16 years ago. God, that sounds like forever when I say it but it doesn’t seem that long ago to me.


  • Jane
    August 4
    1:21 am

    See, but it’s your own fault for not keeping your special day to yourselves. You should do what Ned and I do and that is act like our special day is like any other day and then it isn’t ruined by silly things like expectations. At least that is what I learned in my 9 years of marital bliss.


  • Bookwormom
    August 4
    1:43 am

    Sounds like your SIL is similar to mine. There’s no excuse for never having left home at 39. & the hair? Please.

    Happy anniversary! May you have many more~


  • Kat O+
    August 4
    1:58 am

    Happy anniversary!!! (For some reason, I didn’t realise you were married…I thought you were living in delicious sin!)


  • Dramedy Girl
    August 4
    4:18 am

    Awww! Happy Anniversary!


  • Lori
    August 4
    5:35 am

    Happy Anniversary Karen! Hope you have many more years of bliss together with TTG!


  • LorelieLong
    August 4
    8:31 am

    Happy anniversary! You’re a better woman than me to meet family on your day. I’m considering not even going to my step-brother’s wedding because it will be on my 7th anniversary.


  • Dawn
    August 4
    11:40 am

    Happy Anniversary Karen and TTG.

    Your SIL obviously has no thought for anyone but herself. Perhaps from now on you and TTG should not include anyone else in your anniversary celebrations. Anyone who’s got a bit of brains should understand when you tell them.


  • Karen Scott
    August 4
    12:05 pm

    Thanks Sarah, as for the SIL, she is the perfect example of somebody who needs to get laid, and soon.

    Barb, you’re right, she aint getting dick, or for that matter any pussy. She hasn’t had a proper relationship in the thirteen years that I and TTG have been together.

    Thanks Scott, but look you got a cute baby!

    Thanks Indida!

    Thanks Linda, I do think she’s jealous, but she’s in a rut of her own making. She has a good job (one she hates, but a good job all the same) she still lives at home, which means her disposable income will be better than most people who have mortgages, so she has the opportunity to do stuff. Her life is just passing her by.

    Thanks HK, and Jaye!

    Angela Dionne, lol at Loser In Law!

    Thanks MichelleB and Anne!

    Mad, 16 years is a fab feat, congrats on your special day too!

    Jane, it was his parents idea to go out for a meal, if my side of the family had suggested it, I’d have just turned round and said hell no, and that would have been that.

    Amanda, bad hair when you don’t have children is unforgiveable *g*

    Thanks Kat, we lived in sin for a while before we got married, I just decided to make sure that I got my fair share of the goods if we ever get divorced *g*

    Thanks Shelly!

    Thanks Lori!

    Lorelei, don’t do it, don’t go!!

    Dawn, if it wasn’t for the fact that his parents suggested the meal, we’d have gone to our fave restaurant (which she doesn’t like) and got drunk as a skunk and pretended we were teenagers again, and made out on the moors like we used to do *g*


  • Desiree Erotique
    August 5
    1:55 am

    Happy Anniversary Karen!!


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