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So, I discovered a new author list today. I don’t think I’ll be participating much… Check out some of the conversations: (hehehe)

Example 1
“Anyway…I want a guy that has a special cock like Orion’s. His cock has these rings encasing it. The rings heat up and vibrate when in a woman’s cunt. OH Baby! that would spoil you for any other man’s cock for sure. LOL”

Example 2
“FUCK me now! *whimper*”

Example 3
“He can park his ass in my bed anytime. Cock-alic-ious for sure.”

Hmmmmm… and here I thought I was the queen of too much information.

Oh, did I mention that a couple on the group are blatantly having an affair? No? Well, they are. Apparently, the guy’s wife is an alcoholic, which excuses his behaviour totally…

Preachy? Sanctimonious? Not I ladies, I just look on and marvel at how funny life is… (Or not, if you happen to be the wife who’s being cheated on)