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I think My Boobs Are Getting Bigger…

Saturday, January 14, 2006
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So, I was putting my bra on today, and I discovered that my breasts have grown. Yes they have.

I’ve always been a 34/36B (OK So I’m guessing because I’ve never actually been measured before) and if I’m honest, I’ve always been pretty happy with the size of my plums.

Having said that, I was gratified to see that they are now much more rounded . My friends used to tell me they were shaped like lemons. They were right of course, but now they are more like oranges. Fabulous.


  • Rosie
    January 14
    5:22 pm

    Your boobs are getting bigger because…you are working out? You are preggers? They just “blossomed”? I don’t know why this struck me so funny, but it did. I imagine you admiring your new “oranges” in the mirror in some saucy lacy Vic Secret confection.

    Here’s to your bodacious ta-tas!

    Yeah, I know I stole that line from an OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN.

    Are you kidding me with asking me if I notice you used my questions in the author interviews! Heck yeah! It’s so flattering!

    Although, I’m frequently surprised by the answers…to all the questions. You never know what you will find out about someone do you?


  • Dakota Cassidy
    January 14
    5:29 pm

    brag, brag, brag. LOLLOL. I have a fairly decent set of ta-ta’s. I’m a 36C. I have two sons, but have given birth but once. My eldest is adopted. I didn’t breast feed because I was milketh-non-produceth.

    So, in essence, I have no excuses for why this phenom is occurring.

    I’ve discovered a startling trend in my boobs. They like a nice tropical locale. They shall soon resemble torpedos.

    And really, I’m okay with that. As long as there’s a miracle bra–I’m willing to never go bra-less again. LOLLOL

    Dakota 🙂


  • Maura
    January 14
    7:33 pm

    Well, congratulations on your oranges 🙂

    Just start to worry if they continue this trend and you start to think “cantaloup” or “watermelon” – honestly, those sound painful!


    – Maura


  • Desiree Erotique
    January 14
    9:25 pm

    LOL Kewl, Karen!


  • Shannon Stacey
    January 14
    9:28 pm

    Congratulations! 🙂


  • Shelby
    January 14
    9:44 pm

    Hmm, this is a coincidence, unless all women have boob dreams. LOL Night before last I dreamed mine were really small. I remember looking at them and noting that one was a bit smaller than the other, but then I thought, hey, no more double d’s! No complaints here.

    Then I woke up, and my big old boobs were right there waiting to pull on my shoulders all day. *sigh*



  • FreeSpirit
    January 14
    9:53 pm

    So there’s hope for us flatliners? I’ve never been happy with my olives…er boobs because quit frankly they’re practically none existent. But my buns rival JLo’s. Honestly, I’d rather have the boobs.


  • Nicole
    January 14
    10:09 pm


    Can you take some of mine? I lose weight and suddenly I’m a D/DD instead of the C I was before. Huh?


  • Anne
    January 14
    11:49 pm

    Since yours are getting bigger, how can I get mine firmer? Hmmm… seems like a lost cause after child birth. LOL

    You wouldn’t happen to have gained weight? Preggers? Working out?

    Either way… congrats on your oranges *G*


  • Jenn
    January 15
    1:32 am

    My first thought was you are pregnant.

    But if you are not and they just grew….

    You bitch..

    I never found anything to make mine grow no matter how much I had them handled by my man…hehe

    I was 12 and could not understand why my friend had breast and I did not..what can I say I was naive and a sucker. She told me to scratch them all the time and they would grow. All I got was a sore and red chest.



  • Eve Vaughn
    January 15
    4:15 pm

    Are you pregnant? 🙂


  • Dawn
    January 16
    9:18 am

    Hey K, Congrats on your growth (hmm… that sounds gross LOL), but like Jenn said, if you’re not preggers, “Bitch!”.

    My breasts have got bigger too, however, I had to put on almost 2 stone to do that and you can bet, the minute I start to lose some weight they’ll shrink down to peanuts.

    Actually, I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day, nekkid, and thought to myself “Hey, these are really perky for 41 year old boobs.” :::smug smirk:::


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