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Tyra Banks Or Naomi Campbell?

Saturday, January 14, 2006
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Naomi and Tyra

I always knew there was something I didn’t like about Naomi Campbell.

I watched the Tyra Banks show earlier this week, and I felt fully justified in my perfectly reasonable hatred of her (OK hatred may be too strong a word).

Basically, Tyra asked her why she’d been such a bitch to her early on in their career, and somehow, Naomi managed to make it all about her without answering a single question directly.

Naomi doesn’t interview well, mostly because she isn’t intelligent enough to handle face to face criticism (thus lying about taking drugs). Towards the end of the show, when she’d realised how fake she’d come across (plus she’d had about half an hour’s break to rethink her attitude), she launched into this whole speech about how she was sorry if she’d caused Tyra any pain, and how proud of her she was blah blah fucking blah. Tell me nobody bought this rot. Seriously.

Tyra strikes me as being somebody who I could go out and have a laugh with. Naomi strikes me as being somebody who would smile beautifully at you, whilst stabbing you viciously in the back with a machete.

I could be wrong of course, but I bet I’m not.

Tyra was always the classier of the two, and waaaaay prettier, big forehead or not.


  • Maura
    January 14
    7:38 pm

    Naomi always seems to have either a nasty, calculating or strung-out look on her face, even when she’s trying to pose prettily. I’ve heard people say it’s some supermodel angst but I see plenty of them that manage to look sultry and mysterious without just looking bitchy!

    Between that and her continued amazement when the public won’t take her word over solid evidence to the contrary (like the drug thing), I’ve never really liked her.

    – Maura


  • Charlene
    January 14
    10:24 pm

    Amen Maura. Naomi Campbell always looks as if she’s got a bad smell under her nose. I think maybe she’s the type of woman who would try to steal your man just to prove she could!


  • Anne
    January 14
    11:46 pm

    I like Tyra… Naomi, well, she always looks stuck up to me.. her nose is so high in the air that she’d probably drown if it rained too hard. Something about Naomi just screams BEYOTCH!! LOL


  • Jenn
    January 15
    1:28 am


    Quit with the forehead. My granddaughter has one just like Tyra.

    Naomi comes off as very cold and selfish.


  • Shawn
    January 15
    8:01 am

    I havent seen the interview but I’ve always loved Naomi. :/ I’ve heard things but I’ve also heard things about Tyra as well.


  • Sam
    January 15
    12:14 pm

    Niether of these gals gets me vote. Iman has always been the most gorgeous woman on the planet.



  • Eve Vaughn
    January 15
    4:17 pm

    There’s just something that rings false with both of them. I think its also just the nature of the modeling industry. They create supermodels, which breeds super egos.


  • Millenia Black
    January 15
    9:37 pm

    I’ve never cared for either one of them. Both fake. Both phony. Both plastic. Both shallowly “charming”. You catch my drift…….And what’s up with Tyra and this top model thing? Her attempt to be dramatic about eliminating these girls is simply laughable! Speaks volumes to her comedic attempts at being an actress. A la “Higher Learning”. ROAR!


  • Scott
    January 15
    11:43 pm

    Any guy that thinks Naomi Campbell is prettier then Tyra Banks need their eyes checked. And I agree that Tyra comes across as more fun to hang out with.

    (Though I also agree with Millenia that probably “supermodel” would come across as fake and phony.)


  • Dawn
    January 16
    9:23 am

    Never liked Naomi – you notice how we talk like we’ve met them, LOL.

    Tyra is definitely prettier than Naomi, but I don’t know if I like her any better.

    I agree that Iman is absolutely stunning, and she does seem grounded.


  • Reese
    January 19
    10:24 pm

    But they’re both weird as all hell, you have to admit.

    But I’d say Naomi’s prettier. And plus, she went out with Robert De Niro – so I’m jealous (mind you I would prefer DeNiro circa 1979, not now!)

    Sorry, but I’m Team Naomi.


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