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California…. Knows How To Party…

Sunday, January 22, 2006
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Last week, I met with the producer of a fashion exhibition that’s usually held in Los Angeles.

I met with her, because this year, they are holding the show in Manchester, England.

We got on like a house on fire, and I happened to mention that the Tall Guy and I were contemplating going to California for our hols this year.

She got very excited about this, due to the fact that herself, and her partner live and work in Los Angeles.

This was supposed to be a business meeting, but we totally digressed, and she was so enthusiastic about her home town that by the time we parted company, she’d extracted a promise from me that I’d call her when we were ready to book, so that she could advise me on the best places to stay. Nice woman.

So The Tall Guy and I have decided that Los Angeles will be our main holiday destination this year. We’re just going to pretend that the crime and violence that’s usually associated with this city is nothing but a vicious rumour.


  • Scott
    January 22
    11:51 pm

    I went to LA for some software training back in 98. It is not as bas as everyone makes it out to be. Especially if you have someone pointing you to the right areas. It is just like EVERY major city in the US, there are bad neighborhoods and there are good neighborhoods. I grew up in the Detroit area and everyone outside of Detroit jokes on how bad the Motor City is. It’s bullshit, because I’ve been to Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Los Angeles, and they are no different when it comes to crime. The only difference is that some of those cities are bigger, therefore there are more bad areas.

    Do yourself a favor Karen, rent a convertable. And if you have the opportunity, take a drive on Topango Canyon Drive and the Pacific Coast Highway. Lot of great places to eat in Santa Monica, too. One of the main streets in downtown SM is closed to traffic and there are a lot of shops and places to eat along it. (At least this tourist found it cool.)


  • Beverly Havlir
    January 23
    1:16 am

    You’re coming to LA? Super! I live just south of Los Angeles, about ten or so minutes away (more with traffic)in the South Bay area, made up of cities like Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. Southern California is a great place, with lots of places to see, north and south of LA. Santa Monica, like Scott said, is very hip and cool. 3rd St Promenade is like an open air mall and a lot of fun. You’re gonna have a great time!


  • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
    January 23
    2:46 am

    Karen, my ex lives in LA, and I’ve been there many times. There’s no more crime and violence there then there are in many other cities. You should be pretty safe if you stay away from East LA, and downtown LA at night.


  • Maura
    January 23
    5:54 am

    Dang – I’m sorry now (for the first time in ages) that I don’t still live in LA.

    Hope you have fun though!

    – M


  • Anne
    January 23
    12:29 pm

    Now I’m sad that I don’t still live in California. It’d be worth the 3 hour trip just to get to meet you!

    I’ve been to LA Karen and it’s not that bad… just stay out of the bad spots, and you’re good. You’ll know the bad spots the minute you see them and that’s when you turn tail and exit quickly. LOL It’s a very busy city, though… traffic is crazy, but it is a lot of fun. While you’re in LA, take the time to drive down to San Diego… it’s maybe an hour?? I can’t remember. But you’ll be glad you did. So much to see and do. You’ll have a fabulous time


  • Sam
    January 23
    3:46 pm

    ‘Stay out of the bad spots’ sounds worrisome, doesn’t it? What, there’s more than one spot? Just where are those spots?
    So wear your bullet proof vest at all times and make sure you don’t stop at red lights…
    Just kidding.
    You’ll have a super time.
    When are you coming to Paris???


  • Paige Burns
    January 23
    9:23 pm

    Hi Karen~

    This really has nothing to do w/ LA, but I’ve seen your comments on Eve’s group and found your blog and love the way you think! So just wanted to say Hi and that I’ve bookmarked you!

    Thanks for your honesty.

    Oh, and LA isn’t too bad, make a sidetrip to San Deigo though, very nice.

    Paige Burns


  • Lori
    January 23
    10:28 pm

    Yay! I am only about 20 miles north of LA! Right in between LA and Santa Barbara. When you get closer to planning where to visit let me know and I will tell you all the hot spots to see!


  • Rosie
    January 23
    11:08 pm

    Well crap…everyone else who commented they live in So Cal lives in a cool place. Me I’m in the desert. However, I’m glad you are coming to Southern California. Saying you are going to LA is so limiting! There’s lots to see and do within a reasonable driving distance. Have a blast!!


  • Eve Vaughn
    January 24
    2:59 pm

    That sounds exciting Karen. That’s something else we have in common. I’ve never been to California either. I’ve been an east coast girl all my life, but I’m going to Cali for the first time in March, also in the LA area. Long Beach actually for a conference but I’m really excited to visit the west coast for the first time. I think there’s bad places everywhere but to be on the safe side, I’d avoid wearing blue or red. LOL, just kidding. That LL Cool J song keeps playing in my head, “I’m going back to Cali, Cali Cali, I’m going back to Cali,” LOL


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