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Check out the size of that effing needle!

I’ve often wondered why people get involved with drugs in the first place. This is obviously very naïve of me, but I’m not talking about your down and outer, who’s chance of avoiding drugs is usually very slim.

I’m not even talking about celebrities and sports stars ( Ben Johnson anyone?) with more money than God, who quite frankly should fucking know better.

No, I’m talking about people who should know better, but somehow don’t.

I’m talking about your average professional. Doctors, lawyers, POLICEMEN!

I was once told that people in the above professions are some of the worst offenders.

How the hell does that compute? (Mind you, I’ve often thought one of the partners in my local GP surgery was on drugs, but that was mostly because he had seriously bad hair.)

Actually, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

A friend of mine is married to a policeman. I’ve known them for absolutely donkey’s years, and I recall being somewhat shocked when my friend’s husband decided to light up a spliff (weed) whilst I was in their house.

I tried to not have an opinion on this, but I just couldn’t do it. This was a man who’d sworn to uphold the law, and he was making a mockery of those very laws.

I obviously asked him what the fuck he was smoking.

He told me that it was good for stress. WTF?

In a world where drugs has literally taken over, it sickens me to learn that we can’t even trust the law-makers in our land.

I think I must be one of the only people I know who hasn’t ‘experimented’ with any type of banned substances. I was just never interested when I was younger (yes I was called a pussy, but at least my brain cells are more or less intact), and I’m still not.

Quite frankly, I’d rather have a Cornish pastie. Lots of calories, I know, but at least I’m not tempted to fly off a fucking building because I think I’m superman.

Also, what’s that whole shooting up thing about? I find it difficult enough to have a tetanus jab. I’m certainly not about to volunteer to have a needle shoved into my arm every day.



  • MaryJanice
    January 27
    2:35 am

    Is that, uh, a real picture? Holy Christ on a cracker! It was like a car accident: I was repelled, yet couldn’t look away. Hey: a good slogan for your blog! 😉

    Seriously: blurgh.


  • Millenia Black
    January 27
    4:42 am

    Hey – me neither. I’ve never experimented at all. Nothing. Nada. Not even a joint or cigarette. I’m far to chicken. Cluck, cluck.

    That is some picture though, Karen. Made my blood run cold.


  • Anonymous
    January 27
    9:23 am

    Nobody ever seems to hold alcohol in the same light as marijuana or cannabis, but in some cases, alcohol is worse than either of these drugs. A little weed never hurt anybody, in my opinion.


  • Anne
    January 27
    12:47 pm

    A little weed never hurt anybody, in my opinion.

    It doesn’t hurt anybody until they become addicted. *eyeroll*

    Drugs and/or alcohol will eff up your life in a heartbeat. I’ve seen it happen to a few acquaintences of mine and it’s very, very sad the lengths the addiction will cause a person to go to.

    Anyway.. I could NEVER imagine a needle being poked into my arm VOLUNTARILY!!! No thanks! I cringe for the flu shot for cripes sake! *shudder*


  • Scott
    January 27
    12:50 pm

    I kind of agree with Anonymous. I tried marijuana a couple of times (the only “drug” I have tried), and have gotten a better buzz off a good cigar and a half glass of beer. I have also seen people ruin their lives with alcohol. Marijuana really shouldn’t be lumped in with the “hard drugs”, though it can be as destructive as alcohol.

    I too don’t understand what the attraction is to do drugs. As much as I love to drink a really good beer, I also don’t want the crap that comes after having more then two. Sometimes one is more then enough.


  • Lori
    January 27
    6:43 pm

    As I have just sat through my son’s D.A.R.E. graduation, the motto of the moment in our house is no drugs, no alcohol and no cigarettes (of any kind *g*).

    My son came home and told Dad that there should be no more alcohol in the house (THAT went over really well LOL!).

    I will admit to trying pot in college, but quickly found that it wasn’t that important to me, so why bother. Other than that, I got caught the very first time I tried a cigarette in the 7th grade. And I don’t drink very often, and never to excess.

    I was once called “boring”, but I’ll take that and my health any day.


  • Wendy
    January 27
    8:29 pm

    Nobody is above becoming addicted to anything and I think most people who should know better fall into drugs because they think, “Hey that won’t happen to me” or “I won’t let it get out of hand because I’m a smart person.” Blah, blah, blah.

    My thing is that I like being in control. Drugs have a way of making one lose control. No control makes Wendy very unhappy. This probably makes me a tight-a$$, but at least my only addiction is books. Not likely to kill me or damage my health unless a stack of them falls on top of me…..


  • Eve Vaughn
    January 27
    11:46 pm

    I’m addicted to chocolate if that counts. To be honest, I’m never so much as smoked a joint, mostly due to my paranoia of getting Scott, but I’ve see more people go off the deep end from drinking alcohol than pot. I’m not advocating it, just my observation. I’m too much of a chicken to do drugs, but I think the reason so many people abuse is because some people are constantly looking for the next thrill. Instead of finding a hobby, they turn to drugs. Sad but true.


  • Eve Vaughn
    January 27
    11:47 pm

    LMAO!! I just realized my mistake. I meant to say my paranoia of getting caught, not Scott. LOL. Scott, I’ll see you tomorrow for the book club!!! I must have had you on the brain.


  • Reese
    January 28
    12:48 am

    Wow, Karen. What a great discussion you’ve started.

    About the pot, I come and go with it. Sometimes I won’t touch it for years, then I’ll run into somebody who gives me some, and I’ll get into it again. And, everytime I do, when the bender is over and the weed’s all gone, I’ll feel like I’ve actually been through a really fun adventure.

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ve just pissed off, like, a million people with this comment, so …



  • Sam
    January 28
    7:53 pm

    My sister is a councelor for drug addicts. She has her masters degree in alcohol and drug addiction therapy. Here is what she says:
    Alcohol and heroin are equally dangerous. Both are highly adictive and destructive to both physical and mental health, both destroy the people that use them and the families around them.
    Until people realize that, they will run screaming from a relitively harmless marijuana joint and have a glass of whiskey.

    Drugs have been classed in order of their destructive powers and the classment goes like this:
    Nicotine (highly dangerous, toxic and addictive)
    Alcohol – which kills more people than all the drug put together except for nicotine.

    Anyhow, please don’t be shocked that your policeman friend relaxes with a joint – it’s far healthier and safer than a glass of alcohol.

    My sister also says it’s best not to do ANY drugs or alcohol and I’ve brought up my kids accordingly. I think they’re the only ones in their group that don’t drink or smoke…anything.


  • Dawn
    January 30
    1:01 pm

    I do think it is morally wrong for upholders of the law to be arresting people for doing the same damn things they are doing at home.

    I too cannot see the attraction is sticking yourself with a needle just a few hours gratification (I guess I’m just lucky). I recall 25 years ago when I was at college there was an anti-drugs week held. Part of this was a film (it was not actors) about autopsies of drug users. I vividly recall the opening scene where a corpse was shown doubled over in a public toilet and they showed how they had to unscrew the door to get in because it’s head was preventing the door from opening, the taking of the corpse to the autopsy room and explaining how the fact that he’d died sitting on the loo and his torso had fallen on his thighs, which meant that the dead (literally) weight had caused the blood to squeezed from the thighs. I made it as far as the first cut, and I had to leave.

    I have smoken only 1/2 a cig at the behest of friends as a teen, but wasn’t attracted to it.

    Other than alcohol, the only other drug I’ve tried (couldn’t tell you what it was called – but you sniffed it and it made me buzzy for about 10 minutes) was only one night when I was young and particularly stupid.

    Little bro smokes the weed and I worry about him (and I constantly tell him to stop).

    I get drunk very occasionally now that I’m older, but for me, it’s the whole thing about loss of control.

    It is right that you can get addicted to anything, drugs, booze, gambling, if you have an addictive personality.

    Very touchingly, my daughter who is 10 often picks up how to stop smoking leaflets for one of her aunties who smokes.


  • Maven
    January 30
    7:47 pm

    I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but I think they should legalize most drugs. The black market racketeering is by far more distructive to society as a whole than the individual cost of those who destroy themselves with the drugs.

    Now, that aside, I’ve smoked pot, twice. It made me nauseated and drunk. Not a happy experience. My husband has also smoked pot on occasion. It makes him hyper and acts like a dose of viagra for him. A very happy experience – for both of us. We’ve both also drunk alcahol and we both feel that pot was the less harmful of the two.

    I think the American War On Drugs is simply a political ploy to pacify voters in this country and keep us from asking questions like why the politicians have a better retirement and healthplan than the rest of us working class drones…
    My 2 cents.


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