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Nora Roberts VS AAR Review Message Board…

Wednesday, February 1, 2006
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Jesus Effing Christ, no wonder I never post at the bloody All About Romance message boards, those ladies are mean. Much meaner than me at any rate.

As you know, I’m a Nora Roberts fan again due to her In Death books, and that generally means that even though I may have dissed her in the past, I love her now, (aren’t we readers fickle?) so I’m interested in any NR related scandals (what? You know you are too!)

Anyway, I heard from ReneeW, who posted on Kristie’s blog that there’d been a kerfuffle over at the AAR Reviews message board, so I duly went over to look at the car wreck.

Apparently, Nora’s newest In Death book, has a controversial photo of her on the back of the book. The conversation somehow managed to veer off the actual book, and a discussion of how she was portrayed in the photo ensued.

Here are some conversation excerpts:

Somebody initially posted (Erm… Robin was it you?)

Nora Responds:

Robin Responds:

Nora again:

Nice one Nora! The argument went on, and on, and effing on. Sheesh, I just couldn’t be arsed posting, and by the way, the KarenS who regularly posts over there is so not me!

I predict that the sales of Memory In Death will shoot up due to people being curious about what the photo looks like. I already Amazoned it!

If you want to have a look at the train wreck, the link is at the beginning of this entry…