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Sorry Folks…..

Friday, February 3, 2006
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I’m gonna be on hiatus til further notice. I’m just too busy to blog effectively. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!

Ciao for now!

Erm.. before I go, just look what I found in my in-box!

Dear Karen Scott,

I saw your blogspot while doing an internet search, and I thought I would get in touch. I do apologise for emailing you out of the blue like this.

I am currently working on a big BBC TV project about the history of romantic fiction, and I was wondering whether I could ask you a few questions about your take on it all?

Our series will look at the surprising effects that romantic literature has had on readers and writers over the past 200 years; and we are looking to speak to people who might be able to talk about how particular books changed their lives in significant ways.

To give you some background about the series:

Part One will look at Jane Austen, the Brontes and the gothic novel

Part Two will be looking at the rise of the bodice ripper and the historical romance: Elinor Glyn, Georgette Heyer, Jean Plaidy, Margaret Mitchell;

Part Three will look at the modern day bonkbusters (Jilly Cooper), Catherine Cookson, sex and shopping novels (Barbara Taylor Bradford, Shirley Conran), chick lit (Sophie Kinsella) and the legacy of Bridget Jones etc. Besides interviewing writers and authors (from A.S Byatt and Helen Fielding to Richard Curtis, Joanna Trolloppe and even Barbara Taylor Bradford), we are really keen to get readers on screen talking about how their favourite authors influenced their lives and their ideas of love, romance, feminism and even men, if they did at all (most readers do know it’s fiction!) Many thanks for your time in reading this!

Any response you care to give would be more than appreciated.

Best regards

Name omitted

All I can say is…. wow…