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OK, so my life’s kinda got back to something like normal, so I can blog properly again.

I voted in the AAR Readers poll the other day, I initially wasn’t going to, until I got a reminder e-mail from an author who shall remain nameless.

I found it quite difficult to vote because I couldn’t remember half the books that I’d read which were published in 2005, so I decided that if I couldn’t remember the book, then it wasn’t gonna get a mention.

Here are some of the books that I mentioned in one category or other: (only the positive categories mind)

My best female went to Eve Dallas, My best male went to Roarke. In fact, if I could have answered Eve and Roarke in every category, I surely would have. I’m still lovin’ those In Death books!

When it came to the question of best ‘alternate reality’, I couldn’t remember any 2005 paranormals set in a different world, that I’d read this year. I know I’ve read some, but I couldn’t think of any, and I couldn’t be arsed to go through my book collection to find them.

I think Linda Howard got my vote for new-to-me author who I glommed endlessly, but the same could be said for Catherine Anderson.

I had a hard time thinking of a single series/category romance that I’d enjoyed this year, I know there must have been some, but I can’t sodding-well remember any.

As for Best Regency…. Erm what? I get all confused when people throw that word at me. As far as I’m concerned, if it was set in any other century other than the 21st, it’s a goddamned historical. End of.

As for short stories in anthologies, is it just me, or does anybody else find it hard to remember short stories, that are mixed in with other stories? I think I went with one of Jaid Black’s stories that I’d particularly liked.

When I checked out the final interim results, I saw that a lot of my choices had been very popular with other readers, proving of course, that I have great taste in books. *g*
I did happen to notice that some of these books were also the ones chosen in the “worst category”.

I think this is mostly because they were strong books that you either loved fan-girlishly, or loathed to the nth degree.

I think Passion was amongst the list of worst romance, as well as best romance. I’ll assume that the people who didn’t like Passion were bible bashing religious freakish virgins, who aren’t getting any. What? I’m kidding for Oprah’s sake. Geez, you really need to learn to take a joke. I’m sure they weren’t virgins.

I wont mention the author that I gave up in 2005 because that would just end up in a big ‘ol dirty fight on my blog, possibly like the one that JaynieR’s been having with that church-going heathen, Brenda Coulter. (If you haven’t heard about it, where the hell have you been?)

I will say though, that Thea Devine’s Sensation got an honorary mention as one of the worst books I read in 2005. Aahh, I get nice warm fuzzies just thinking about it…

So, have you voted yet? If not, what the sodding-hell are you waiting for? The poll wont close til Feb 19th, so GO VOTE.

Speaking of Lisa Valdez, she’s started a new Yahoo Group up, for anybody who wants to join. Hopefully I wont get banned from this one.


  • Sam
    February 13
    4:52 pm

    I can’t vote because I didn’t read 99% of those books. Where have I been? I only read A Breath of Snow and Asses, hated it, and therefore won’t vote, lol.
    Oh, and Elizabth’s Wolf which I did love, so I guess I can vote for that.
    Damn. I have to get to the library more often.


  • Anonymous
    February 13
    5:50 pm

    Karen wrote
    -I’ll assume that the people who didn’t like Passion were bible bashing religious freakish virgins, who aren’t getting any

    I was one of the people who read Passion and didn’t enjoy it. I think it shows poor taste that you brand anybody that didn’t enjoy this book as a “bible bashing religious freak”

    I did not enjoy Passion because it was gratuitous in the extreme without due cause, and it was severely lacking in emotional depth.

    Shame on you for spouting such thoughtless and vitriolic nonsense.


  • ReneeW
    February 13
    5:51 pm

    I’ll assume that the people who didn’t like Passion were bible bashing religious freakish virgins, who aren’t getting any. What? I’m kidding for Oprah’s sake. Geez, you really need to learn to take a joke. I’m sure they weren’t virgins.

    Hehe. My thoughts exactly! Passion (and Lisa Valdez) were featured in my vote as well.

    Crap, I missed the dirty fight at JaynieR’s blog. Must go take a look.


  • Maura
    February 13
    6:20 pm

    LOL – Jaynie’s blog has been getting a workout!

    Glad to see you’re back Karen!

    Thea Devine’s Sensation just didn’t do it for me, at all. I stubbornly made it all the way through and then the book went into the give away pile.

    Gonna have to go vote now…


  • Anne
    February 14
    3:05 am

    Holy smokes! Did you see the big words that Anonmymous used?? Wowzers! Pulled out the big guns to say his/her piece didn’t she/he? LOL


  • Dakota Cassidy
    February 14
    8:02 am

    Thank the whores on forty-second street you’re blogging again, missy. I was damned tired of reading about the breast feeding–I did it three times too. Read it, that is. Cuz I was yearning for you. LOLLOL

    And how come I amd NEVER mentioned when it comes to the BC debacle?

    I said my piece too.

    Yet, you coldly ignore me and my plight for controversial recognition.

    What’s a girl gotta do to get some fricken’ kudo’s here?? LOLLOL

    I’m kidding, of course. I’ll slink back off to my farm at Sunnybrook now. Tee hee 🙂

    I’m glad you’re back 🙂

    Dakota 🙂


  • Millenia Black
    February 14
    3:22 pm

    Karen – Don’t know sqat about the poll, but I’m glad you’re back too!


  • emdee
    February 14
    5:54 pm

    LOL, anonymous? Geez, takes guts to defend yourself and then not claim an identity. I for one loved Passion and found it not at all gratuitous. And I’m glad to see you back Karen.


  • Dawn
    February 15
    10:31 am

    Same as everybody else, great to see you back, K. I was starting to get the sweats having to go cold turkey from your blog.

    I’ll have to wander over to that poll and see if I’ve read anything from last year.

    Oh Sam, loved Elizabeth’s Wolf as well (I’m assuming you mean the Lora Leigh one – though I haven’t heard of another one), but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t pubbed in 2005.


  • Megan Frampton
    February 16
    1:46 am

    Okay, so this clearly was not the point of your post, but Traditional Regencies are those short ones that feature clothed people on the cover and are usually much more mannered, a la Georgette Heyer, than Regency-set historicals, which are the way more popular ones. So popular, in fact, that both Zebra and Signet have discontinued their traditional Regencies lines, so you don’t have to know the difference anymore.
    (I voted for Passion, too.)


  • Kristie (J)
    February 16
    11:25 am

    I’m late, I’m late.

    So how many of the In Death books have you read so far? And it seems you aren’t getting the least bit tired of them. I know I’m not at all, but I wondered if reading so many so close together is getting you overdosed on them. And isn’t it just great the way Robb is showing the growth of a marriage with Eve and Roarke? I think that’s one of my favourite aspects along with the growth of Eve as a complete woman.


  • Karen Scott
    February 16
    11:26 pm

    Kristie, I actually read two other books this week, A Cheryl Holt, and an Emma Holly, so now I’m back to Robb. I’m on Witness In Death, and no, I’m so not tired of them yet!

    Yes, I love the way Nora’s grown their relationship, and I love what she does with Eve’s character.

    If only more heroine’s were as likeable as she is!

    BTW Dakota, I kinda grinned at you getting controversial and all, it always tickles me pink to see you get knee deep in it, lol!!

    Thanks for the clarification Meegan!

    Emdee, I’ve certainly noticed how not many people disagree with me whilst revealing who they are. It just makes me laugh!

    Sam, I almost thought that was the actual name of the book, lol!!

    Thanks Millennia and Dawn!

    Renee, I can’t think of any other reason why romance readers wouldn’t have loved Passion. I know it’s all subjective, but sometimes a thousand flies round shit can’t be all wrong can they? *g*

    Anonymous, take a chill pill. It’s ok that you didn’t like Passion. Really. It’s fine. I’ll get over it.
    Now which category do you fall under? Religious Freak, Virgin, or haven’t been laid for a while? You decide.
    BTW, if you used your identity, I probably wouldn’t be so rude. Anonymous postings give me carte blanche to be as rude as I damn well want.


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