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How come heroes in romance books either smell like citrus, or they have a woodsy or alpinic (is that even a word?) smell?

Why can’t they smell of Calvin Klein’s Eternity or Hugo Boss For Men?

Same goes for the heroines. The other day I read Emma Holly’s Beyond Innocence and the heroine supposedly smelt like ‘innocence and perfection’ (or some such nonsense). WTF?

Other authors have their heroines smelling of ‘sin and seduction’. I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what sin or seduction smells like.

I can just about handle the heroines smelling like ‘summer’ or ‘spring rain’, because quite frankly, a good fabric softener can actually help achieve the same results, but why the hell do they have to smell of peace on earth and joy to the frickin world?


If an author writes that the heroine was wearing Estee Lauder’s Pleasures, instead of purple-prosing (yeah I know, another made up word *g*) her smell all over the place, does that make him/her an unimaginative writer?