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The Happy Couple…. Just kidding

The Tall Guy and I are going to our first wedding of the year this weekend. Oh Joy. Not.

I hope you have a better weekend than mine. Geez I hate weddings.

Doesn’t this guy make you glad that you’re you, and not him? Also, a bra would have been a good idea for her methinks…


  • Reese
    February 24
    11:45 pm

    Jesus Christ those people are ugly. KAREN, first the world’s smallest penis, now the world’s scarriest couple – girl …. you’re killing me.

    Oh what the hell, I love you anyway.



  • Lori
    February 25
    3:24 am

    OK, Karen. Where do you find these pictures? Do you troll the web looking for them? Bob said “Those are some saggy boobs. I think?” He wasn’t quite sure what they were.

    But they look very very happy together! We should all be that happy 🙂


  • Rosie
    February 25
    7:06 am

    We have a wedding next month. Sunday (WTF?) a bridal shower in the afternoon. Do 20-somethings have their showers on Sunday afternoons now? I hate bridal showers but I really hate them on a Sunday afternoon. My sympathies on the wedding. May the music be tolerable and the alcohol free and flowing!!


  • Jaynie R
    February 25
    9:14 am

    We’ve got one March 9. A dude Q knows from work – I’ve never met either of them *sigh*


  • eve vaughn
    February 25
    1:41 pm

    I love weddingS!! Me and the DH are that age where all our friends are getting married. We’ve been to a wedding every year since we’ve been together except last year. It felt kind of weird not having one to go to. Now we’re back on Track. My first wedding is next weekend. WoooHooo to one more opportunity to dance to YMCA!!


  • Paige Burns
    February 25
    4:47 pm

    First it’s weddings then it will be babies. So enjoy the wedding! 😉


  • Shawn
    February 26
    3:17 pm

    Ummm…she’s outside without a bra on. In the broad daylight…Okay. If my house caught on fire, I would take the time to put on a bra before I left my house.


  • Desiree Erotique
    February 26
    5:27 pm

    Hey Karen, my guess is that the big gal is the dude’s grandma. Am I right?


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