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I’ll try to upload Cheryl Holt’s interview this weekend, but for now, you’ll have to make do with random ramblings from moi.

I was gratified to see that former pop star, Gary Glitter will be serving the next three years in prison, for sexually abusing two kids in Vietnam. Apparently he’d taken showers with the children, and done other unspeakable things to them. Sigh.

I hear the prisons there are no picnic, not like over here where he’d get a three course meal every meal time, and be privvy to better state of the arts equipment than I can afford. May you rot in hell you perverted fuck.

In other news, congratulations to James Blunt for being the first Brit since Elton John’s Candle In The Wind, to get to number 1, in the American Billboard chart. For all those people who slated your album, and told you that you sounded like a girl, you can now tell them to go kiss your ring-piece, whilst smiling beautifully at them.

Also, can I ask you guys, did the £53 million heist £53 million ($92m) heist make the news over in America? I must admit, when I first heard about the robbery, my first thoughts were, wow, what brilliant planning to pull such a dastardly deed off, but little by little, the shit’s going to the wall, with the people involved, being rooted out one by one. I bet they don’t catch the brains behind the whole operation, he’ll be away in St Lucia somewhere, living the life of Riley.

I’m still struggling to believe that one of the women arrested was caught out when she took a load of cash to a bank, and tried to make a deposit. Bird, it probably didn’t help that it had the name of the bank where the heist had taken place, stamped all over the money bags. What a twat.

OK, off to work now, I’ll catch up with you later.