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Thanks very much to Anne for sending me this book. It was a real pleasure to get promised freebie books… yes MJD, that was a hint for you.

Looking at the cover, can anybody hazard a guess as to what type of romance this is? Erm.. if you’ve read it, tell me what type of romance you thought it was before, you opened the pages. I bet you were as surprised as I was…


  • Reese
    March 4
    10:12 pm

    Hmmm. I’m going to take a wild guess and say this book is a contemporary … comedy? (because the cover models are laughing)

    But then, if it turns out to be a medieval vampire/erotic suspense books, I don’t think I’d be surprised at all. One can never really tell.


  • Hillary Clinton
    March 4
    11:01 pm

    Let’s see, romantic suspense? I don’t think much to the hero on the cover though.


  • Jaye
    March 4
    11:25 pm

    I’m pretty sure a saw a review of this one somewhere. It’s romantica. (review was very positive, btw).


  • sybil
    March 5
    2:54 am

    I thought the same thing when I saw the book then read a review.

    I have it but haven’t started it. Hope you post about it 😉


  • Kristie (J)
    March 5
    3:20 am

    Is this the same Shelley Bradley that used to write historicals? The name was vaguely familiar when I saw it and I looked at my handy dandy excel spreadsheet book record and I have 3 books by her – and I don’t remember reading a one of them. Now they would be good for Angie’s challenge – except I have no idea where they might even be. Scary that I have so many books that some have escaped my mind completely!
    Anyway I’ll be curiouse to see what it is and if you like it too ’cause it’s a gorgeous cover.


  • Desiree Erotique
    March 5
    6:04 am

    Ok, before I surf over to Anne’s site, I’ll hazard to guess it’s not -unfortunately- a juicy bondage & discipline novel.


  • Karen Scott
    March 5
    1:22 pm

    Des, it wasn’t a bondage story, but it wasn’t a million miles away, what with the use of hand-cuffs etc.

    I was actually quite surprised to read how graphically erotic this book was. Looking at the front cover, and even reading the blurb, there was no way I was expecting the use of words like clit, slit, or pussy. But I did. By the bucketloads.

    I didn’t hate it though, on the contrary, I quite liked it. I like Shelly Bradley’s voice, and apart from her over-use of cliched sayings such as “Denial Isn’t just a river in Egypt” or corny lines like ‘men are like floor tiles, if you lay them down well enough the first time, you can walk over them forever’… or something like that.

    Sybil, I think you’ll like it actually, you wont be blown away by it, but it was pretty good.

    Kristie, I looked at her backlist, and yes, she used to write hystericals.. erm historicals.

    I wonder what made her change to erotic romance…


  • Anne
    March 5
    6:50 pm

    I’m with Angie on this one… it was just an OKAY book.. not great, not fab… but okay. It didn’t make me want to run out and buy another book from Shelley Bradley but I wasn’t pissed that I spent the money on it either… though it’s not a keeper, it is one that I can share with my friends… hence Karen’s freebie. LOL

    I actually saw this one on Amazon and the cover grabbed me… read the blurb, and I bought it. A week later it comes in the mail and the very same day it comes in the mail, Jaci Burton blogs about it so I moved it up on the TBR pile.

    Again, it wasn’t fabulous or anything, but an okay read.


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