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I’ve always suspected that there are some sick-assed people out there. The proof is in the amount of people who find my blog by Gooogling “Sperm on face” Everyday, there are at least 10 people who use that search phrase to find me.

The latest one is “baby suckling breast is sexy”. Being an innocent and all, I have no idea what this pertains to. I just hope it’s not some perverted pedophillic (is that even a word?) bastard.

I’ve also discovered that “Karen loves Kate” is another popular search phrase. Once again, I have no idea what this means, seeing as I’m the last of the hetero’s, and I plan on staying that way.

I know that Shannon Stacey gets loads of scary ones, but what about the rest of you? What’s the weirdest search phrase any of you have come across?

By the way, can anybody translate this for me, I guess it’s in German…

“Geschrieben von Loreley am 15. März 2006 18:35:40:
Kennt jemand von euch Cheryl Holt?

Ich habe in irgendeinem Lot das ich mal gekauft habe drei Bücher von ihr dabei gehabt.In einem Anfall von *ichmussmeinensubauflesen* habe ich mich dann über ihre Bücher hergemacht.Folgende Titel waren dabei:

Love LessonsAbsolute PleasureMore than Seduction

Auf meinem heißgeliebten AAR sind ja die Bücher der Autorin nicht besonders bewertet, aber alles im allen war ich ganz angenehm überrascht.Gleich vorweg, die Sexszenen sind burning, burning, burning, sehr zahlreich und ausführlich. Love Lessons ist sogar ein Keeper geworden und *schähm* zwei weiter Bücher von ihr habe ich mir auch schon bestellt.More than Seduction war nicht so mein Fall, das lag aber auch am Plot, ich kann kränkelnde, sich im selbstmitleidwälzende Helden auf den Tod nicht ausstehen.

Offiziell heißt es ja, dass die Autorin die Nachfolgerin von Virginia Henley ist, was meiner Meinung nach absoluter Schwachsinn ist.

Henley verwendet blumige Ausdrücke wie Lanze und “Zentrum ihrer Weiblichkeit”, während Holt wortkräftig zur Tat schreitet.Irgendwie war ich total darauf vorbereitet die Autorin nicht zu mögen, vor allem weil sie in
diesem Interview ziemlich geldgierig und opportunistisch rüber kommt. Aber wahrscheinlich sehe ich das zu krass, sie spricht die Realität der Verlagswelt genau an, während andere Autorinnen sich in Schweigen hüllen.

Nun würde mich wirklich eure Meinung zu dieser Autorin interessieren? Kennt sie überhaupt jemand? Sie ist glaube ich bei uns noch nicht so bekannt, vor allem da ihre Bücher noch nicht übersetzt wurden.
lG Loreley”


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    March 16
    7:28 pm

    Someone found me by searching for “my mom erotic stories” which skeeved me out so much I had to follow the link *gg*

    I found, no surprise, sons f*cking their mothers. *gag* In great detail, too.

    Makes me wonder about men, I tell you. And here I thought I knew it all *gg*


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    March 16
    7:33 pm

    BtW, Karen, I punched your German text into a translator and this is the result:

    “written of Loreley on 15 March 2006 18:35:40: Does someone know Cheryl from you gets? I have in any plumb bob which I times bought three books of it thereby gehabt.In an accumulation of * ichmussmeinensubauflesen * have I then over its books make-following titles participated myself: Love LessonsAbsolute PleasureMore than Seduction On my passionately loved AAR the books of the authoress are not particularly evaluated, but everything in all was completely pleasant I in front, the Sexszenen are very numerous and detailed burning, burning, burning. Love Lessons became even a Keeper and * schaehm * two far books of their has I already bestellt.More than Seduction was not not so my case, was in addition, because of the Plot, I can ailing, in compassion-rolling heroes on death not stand each other. It is called official that the authoress is the successor of Virginia Henley, which according to my opinion absolute imbecility is. Henley uses blumige expressions such as lance and “center of their femaleness”, during gets for the act was word strong walk somehow I totally on it prepares the authoress not to like, above all because she comes in this interview rather money-greedily and opportunistisch more rueber. But probably I see too glaring, her address the reality of the publishing house world exactly, while other authoresses wrap themselves in silence. Now would your opinion really interest me to this authoress? Does it know at all someone? She is believes I with us not yet admits in such a way, above all there their books yet was not translated. lG Loreley “

    Translate again – Enter up to 150 words

    Use the World Keyboard to enter accented or Cyrillic characters.


  • Anne
    March 16
    9:15 pm

    How can you tell how people find your blog? I have no clue. I haven’t met any sick effers yet, thank God. Whew!


  • Reese Witherfork
    March 16
    9:54 pm

    Hey Karen, a friend of mine said she got a hit on her blog from a Google Search of “where to purchase a sorry I date-raped you card.”


  • Sarah McCarty
    March 16
    11:47 pm

    I got a hit from “Cougar mating habits human”. So didn’t want to go there. *shudder*


  • Eve Vaughn
    March 17
    12:17 am

    Reese Witherfork!!! No Way!!! LMAO!! Do they actually even make cards like that?


  • Shannon Stacey
    March 17
    2:40 am

    I got what Ann got. Hope that cleared it up. *ggg*

    Oh, and just so they’ll come visit you for a while: Swiffer masturbation!



  • Avid Reader
    March 17
    4:55 am

    Someone searched for “Diana Norman” and when I followed the search results, I found the one and only book that I could not find anywhere else for sale, in good condition, so thanks to whoever was searching for diana norman that day. I appreciate it. That’s the most popular search phrase for me and patricia briggs + moon called, too.



  • Karen Scott
    March 17
    9:07 am

    Anne, I didn’t realise how popular incestuous mother/son relationships were until I followed a Kate Rothwell link which led me to a site called Literotica. There are some sick mo-fo’s out there!

    I was trying to work out if this German gal was dissing Cheryl Holt or extolling her virtues, I guess I know which one it is then.

    Anne, find mine via my mapstats, they usually tell me where my readers were referred from, or which search phrase they use to find me.

    Reese, Jesus H, hopefully the perp may have been doing research…

    Sarah, Cougar Mating habits human? Sick. Sick. Sick.

    Eve, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least!

    Shannon, I think she was being dissed by the tone of the translation, I hate those translation thingies, they just aren’t that accurate, lol

    Swiffer Masturbation, oh I look forward to the many hits that that will garner me, lol!

    Nice one Keishon, that never happens to me!


  • Millenia Black
    March 17
    6:26 pm

    People frequently land on my site by searching for “black TGP”. At first I had no clue what the heck it was….I soon found out. Apparently for the horny and amorous! 😉


  • Loreley
    March 17
    9:25 pm

    Hello Karen!

    Well, I feel honored to appear on your blog 🙂 I luv to read it after a full day of work and stress!

    In my posting I wrote that it was actually your interview with Cheryl Holt that enticed me to read three titles from her that have been vegetating much too long on my to be read pile.

    The titles were More than Seduction, Absolute Pleasure and Love Lessons. I really enjoyed Love Lessons the other two weren’t up my alley.

    The platform where you found my posting is the biggeset romance forum in the German area. I was asking other “addictes” about their opinion of Cheryl Holt.

    Keep it up!


  • Karen Scott
    March 18
    12:56 pm

    Millenia, I haven’t googled black TGP, I daren’t! *g*

    Lol, Loreley, so you’re one of my German lurkers huh? I found your webiste via my mapstats. There were lots of referrals from your blog, and I didn’t really know what you were talking about!

    Welcome, and now that you’ve de-lurked, you’ll have to stay around! If you want a good book to read, pick up any Sarah McCarty or Shelby Reed books, you wont be disappointed!


  • Sharon J
    March 19
    4:47 pm

    The strangest search phrase I’ve had used ‘against me’ was: toes sucking cowboy babes. It’s a while back now, but one I’ll always remember.

    Luv the blog but how the hell do you find the time to read so many books? [sigh]… I guess it’s just me who’s slow.

    ~Sharon J


  • Karen Scott
    March 19
    5:04 pm

    Hi Sharon, Isn’t it funny how many different fetishes can be uncovered whilst checking out site stats? *g*

    As for getting the time to read books? I always keep at least one book in my car, and one book in my bag, and if I have a spare five or ten minutes here or there, I’ll read! I also always read for at least an hour before I go to bed!

    Having said that, my TBR pile is huge, and I really should have a booksale to get rid of the ones that I wasn’t so fond of!


  • Dawn
    March 21
    10:35 am

    Late as always, but what the hell is “black TGP”. I’m obviously very naive.


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