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Random Boy Toy Sunday….

Sunday, March 19, 2006
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Will somebody remind me again about the evils of having a menage a threesome?

Is it wrong that I want to stab her in the eye and run off with her hubbie?


  • Maura
    March 19
    11:23 pm

    It’s only wrong if you actually do it…



  • Stacy~
    March 20
    5:03 am

    I have to agree with Maura. I’m one of those boring, sappy romantics and kinda hope these 2 stay together forever, injury-free. You’ve got awesome taste Karen, but I bet you already know that 😉


  • Karen Scott
    March 20
    9:21 am

    Actually Stacy, you’re totally right, I wouldn’t want them to split up because I like knowing that he’s one of the good ones, and he wont do a Brad Pitt on Jada.

    I still recall how let down I felt when David Beckham cheated on Posh Spice, lol!


  • Scott
    March 20
    11:12 am

    If it helps your problem Karen, you can always send Jada my way, then run off with Will. 😉


  • Dawn
    March 21
    10:37 am

    Hey Karen, you’d have to fight me for him. He’s just so yummy isn’t he?

    Oh, my dh’s cousin in LA insists that they are into swinging – don’t know where she gets her info from – somehow I don’t feel that she moves in their circles. I prefer to believe that they’re not into that kind of thing.


  • Jill
    March 22
    6:02 pm

    Oh he is FINE …


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