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Monica’s got an interesting column up on RTB this morning. She wants to know why fat authors don’t have more heroine’s who are fat too.

She writes:

“A perusal of more than a few romance author cover photos will tell you that plenty of fat chicks write romance. A stroll down the romance aisle of any Wal-Mart will show you that lots of fat chicks read romance. Drop into any romance convention and you’ll see fat chicks galore. Think all New York editors are starved-looking, gaunt creatures? I won’t name names, but think again.
So why the heck don’t we have more fat chicks as romance heroines?”

She has a point don’t you think?

I can honestly say that I really enjoy romance books that have heroines who aren’t reed thin. I think I like the idea that a really hot guy is able to find a fat chick sexy, and not in a fetish kind of way either.

Monica goes on to add:

“What about all the fat chicks? Go to the romance section, close your eyes, pick a book, any book. Open it. Is the heroine a fat chick? Rinse and repeat. Are any of the romance heroines honest-to-goodness fat chicks?

I bet you ten bucks that they aren’t. But fat chicks seem to have plenty of romance. Heaven knows nature doesn’t stint on those fat genes. Fat chicks are walking around with babies, arm in arm with men, obviously loving and making love.”

Once again, she makes perfect sense.

I know that I dissed Ryhannon Byrd for writing a sex scene that lasted for 200 pages, but one thing I did like about Triple Play was that the heroine was a rubenesque gal, and the heroes thought she was sexy as hell.

One thing I do hate is when the author makes the story all about the weight. It is possible to be fat and not be all angsty about it… isn’t it?

I don’t particularly want to read about the issues the heroine has about her weight, I can read chicklit for weight-based angst thanks very much.

I’m one of those readers who don’t like issues about weight or colour to get in the way of a good romance. I can’t be arsed working through self esteem issues, which is generally why I prefer my heroines to be kick-ass and confident.

Category romance books are definitely the worse offenders, all their cover models are skankily thin to reflect the heroines. When was the last time you read about the Billionaire Sheik’s Virgin’s Secret Baby being a fat chick? It just doesn’t happen that often.

I do recall reading a Harlequin book where the heroine was “large boned”, but the front cover was graced by an anorexic model who could have done with having a cornish pastie or ten.

I guess it’s all about marketing huh?

I read somewhere that books with big gals on the front of them don’t sell as well. Apparently this messes with the fantasy. Why?

I have to applaud EC because they along with certain other erotic romance publishers are one of the only places where you can go and find big heroines. As far as I can gather, these sell pretty well too. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Monica’s question as to why can’t fat authors write more books about fat heroines is a valid one in my opinion. I see those back cover photo’s guys, I know that a lot of our beloved romance writers are hardly size 6 prototypes, yet their heroines are usually visually perfect, with flat, toned stomachs, and perfectly rounded breasts.

I don’t consider myself overly weighty, and I enjoy books where the heroine is on the large side (as long as she doesn’t bitch and moan about it anyway) so I always assume that most people would feel the same way as I do… Don’t they?

I truly wonder if my attitude would be different if I was fat myself?

So Monica asks these very pertinent questions:

“Do you want to read more books with fat heroines? Why or why not?

Do you think fat authors should be writing about fat people also, not just non-fat ones?

Do you think we avoid reading about fat people because so many of us are fat ourselves and don’t like it? Do you think it’s possible to be fat, healthy, happy and in love or is that unrealistic?”

So, waddaya all think? Does she have a point or what?